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Why Ethnic Nations’ Only Option Is To Disperse From Nigeria, By Ndidi Uwechue

THE seven-day Kwanzaa Festival for Black people everywhere has just ended, but its seven great Principles should really be taken up as the global philosophy for Black folk. Principle 6 of Kwanzaa is Creativity, that is, to do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it. Is that going to be possible in Nigeria?

Ndidi Uwechue

To answer that question, we need to understand what Nigeria is because in this world it is not every country that works. It is a multi-national country consisting of a Structure called “Nigeria” placed on top of the ancestral lands of indigenous Ethnic Nations. It is a unitary Structure created by the “1999 Constitution”, a forgery foisted upon Nigerians. Its provisions produce the country that on 12th October 1960, ethnic supremacist Ahmadu Bello had described in his now infamous Declaration, known colloquially as the Fulani Agenda: a Nigeria that would be the “estate” of the immigrant settler Fulani, where the indigenous peoples would never be able to control their future, and their lands would be “conquered territory”.


It is an Agenda where having grabbed power, the Fulani would override the Sovereignty of indigenous Ethnic Nations, and deny them their Self-Determination – thus a condition akin to slavery for indigenous peoples. Fulanization has been progressively achieved since 1966 when the military coups terminated the originally negotiated Nigeria. Today, Fulanization is ruthlessly achieved through the 1999 Constitution by producing a hostile and dangerous constitutional arrangement. Thus, this unitary Structure called “Nigeria” imposed upon the lands of indigenous peoples is really the conquered territory, slave camp of Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration.

In a slave camp, the facilities will ALWAYS be inadequate. That is why unitary Nigeria always defies development. No matter the size of the budget, the funds will not be used to improve infrastructure or public or social services. The lives of Nigerians, their past, their present, and especially their future need to be seen and interpreted through Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration, because THAT is what is happening to them. Ahmadu Bello also said that his conquest agenda/Fulanization would advance by the complicity of “willing tools”.

Willing tools are indigenous individuals who have authority or influence over their people, so they are able to manipulate or coerce them in ways that benefit Fulanization. Thus, willing tools are typically politicians, civil servants, religious leaders, heads of NGOs or CSOs, journalists, plus influencers – their role is to mis-educate and deceive the people into thinking that they have a “democracy” or that a democracy is even possible under a fraudulent, anti-Blackness constitutional arrangement. Plus, willing tools need to say or do what will keep that Structure (non-negotiated Nigeria) imposed upon the land, thus they promote “unity!” – but not the inalienable right of Sovereignty and Self-Determination.

Here is a simple illustration to make things very plain about “Nigeria”. Picture this: a slave camp. There will be a lack of facilities and lack of everything, and squalor because the builder of the camp is the slave master; but he has employed some of the slaves as his foremen, to govern on his behalf. The foremen get to eat well, dress well, and get to drive around in big cars.

The slaves can vote for which foreman they want to be in charge of any particular sector. Every four years they have foreman elections but they are controlled by the slave master who decides who can become a candidate, plus vote counting is done by him. Thus, every four years each contesting foreman promises “good governance”, “Restructuring”, and “economic transformation”, and insists that the slave camp’s problem is “bad leadership”. So all that is needed for “change”, is having a “good man” as foreman which means getting a “good leader” in place. Astonishingly the gullible slaves actually believe that! But how can they ever have a good leader or good governance while they remain in a SLAVE CAMP? They need to leave it first. Then, as free men with Sovereignty and Self-Determination create systems of their own for good governance and good leadership.

Without quibbling or prevarications, the non-violent NINAS Movement has raised the national consciousness in several ways, including by showing that Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration being effected through the 1999 Constitution, is the source of all the people’s miseries. This was achieved despite deliberate mainstream media blackout on the Self-Determination work and activities of NINAS. It is because of Nigeria’s faulty and unfriendly constitutional arrangement that Nigerians are fleeing abroad in huge numbers to escape the Union of death that Nigeria is. When they are not overseas enjoying the facilities there which are denied those in slave camp Nigeria, the wealthy and elite live in fortress-like houses and cannot step outside without armed police or even soldiers for protection, evidence that they know Nigeria is a Union of death. Death through deliberate deprivation of even basic infrastructure and services, death through being kidnapped, death through violent street gangs, death through armed Fulani and their Islamic terrorist co-killers.

Just over two years ago a Constitutional Force Majeure was declared to resolve the constitutional grievances, and renegotiate this Union of death, created by an imposed illegitimately 1999 Constitution. Not surprisingly, the Fulani-dominated government plus their willing tools chose to ignore the people’s call to for now suspend Elections 2023 and come to negotiations and transitioning that are guided by international law plus United Nations instruments. Instead, using state power, Nigerians are being bribed and dragged along to those elections that would renew the life of the 1999 Constitution.

Nevertheless, Self-Determination is an inalienable right and over two decades, NINAS has done the required work for indigenous Ethnic Nations to take responsibility for their future and take charge of their spaces, which counters Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration of conquest.

Unlike 1967, now the Fulani Caliphate with its Arewa Sharia Bloc is isolated and is facing the NINAS Alliance Territory (Middle Belt and South). Interrogating and scrutinizing both the activities of the Caliphate masquerading as “Federal Government” and that of NINAS reveals who is against, and who is for the rights, the welfare, and the existence of indigenous peoples. That fraudulent 1999 Constitution that should have never seen the light of day, thanks to the NINAS Movement, has been Delegitimized. Given the regrettable response of the government (and an illicit one at that), with regards to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and invitation to renegotiate the Union, the current situation is that Ethnic Nations of the NINAS Territory have said:  “We must now Disperse except something happens to get us discussing the inevitable Union Reconstruction”. Obviously, a Union of death must be discontinued.

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.

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