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Why Edo 2024 Gubernatorial Election May Make Or Mar Owan Political Future, By Dr. Eseiwanabevboro Of Iuleha

BEYOND the regular politics, a humble advice to my Owan and Akoko Edo people by extension.

The choice we, particularly Owan people will make in Edo 2024, will go a long way to determine our political future and opportunities in Edo North and the State in general .

Have heard loquacious statement like, Edo North is secured for a particular group and i chuckled. Frankly, this is not the time for Political rabble-rousing, political rascality or a time to play selfish politics of our pockets and blind loyalty to non existent political parties.


A lot is at stake for Owan in Edo 2024. Those thinking or saying Edo North is secured for any group, may be dwelling in ignorance. its not only when they need votes from Edo North they should suddenly realised that Owan & Akoko Edo are part of Edo North.

There is no better time for Owan to be politically and strategically united towards a common objective, interest or aspiration than now, Edo 2024.

Agitations against socio-political and economic marginalisation or exclusion is the right of those expiriencing it especially the so called minority groups. This has been the fate of the Owan Nation & Akoko Edo in Edo North over the years. Unfortunately, most of our young people in particular have refused to see beyond their immediate political fantasies.

In Edo Central (Esan), the same fate has also been playing out at both micro and macro levels. To put this argument in the right context, will restrict the marginalisation in Edo Central (Esan) to the micro level which is the same fate the Owans have suffered in Edo North for many years now.
Just as Edo North is in three traditional parts, Owan, Akoko Edo and Etsako, the
Edo Central is traditionally divided into two main parts, Okpehvolo and Agbazillo axis . Over the years, the Okpehvolo axis of Edo Central (Esan) has produced two governors from Edo Central just as the Etsakos have been dominating or grabbing all political opportunities available in Edo North for themselves only.

The Owan & Akoko Edo situations can be said to be the worst because, even when the Agbazillos haven’t produced governor in the state, they have had Ministers amongst whom was the “almighty” Chief Tony Anenih of blessed memory. That brought a lot of development to the Agbazillos.

However, much more than the Agbazillos in Edo Central, Owan and Akoko Edo have been agitating for Political inclusion, fairness, equity and social justice in Edo North. The Edo 2024 is giving Owan and Akoko Edo the ample opportunity to drive their message home, to prove that they mean their genuine agitations for political inclusion, fairness, equity and justice by aligning correctly in 2024. Just hope we make good of this opportunity in Owan’s intetest.

They say, “he that must come to equity must come with clean hands”. That is to say, Edo 2024 is a make or mar particularly for Owan and Akoko Edo political future. The Etsakos are watching closely to see what statements Owan & Akoko Edo would be making or which direction they would be heading. In other words, votes for Ogbehvolo axis of Esan by Owan&Akoko Edo, would be an endorsement of Etsakos continuous dominace and oligarchy in Edo North. On the other hand, votes for Agbazillo by Owan and Akoko Edo, would be votes for Owan and Akoko Edo’s political future and opportunity.

In no distant future, Edo Central (Esan) will be done with their 8 yrs at most, And Edo North would have a legitimately claim again over the seat, ceteris paribus. But trust Etsako will be ready to give a fight hence we need to entrench a precedence by giving massive support to the Agbazillos. We must understand that Etsakos support for Okpehvolo’s axis may be strategic for them to set dangerous precedence as well, that allows them maintain perpectual dominance in Edo North.

Owan & Akoko Edo, lets be wise, Its laughable and very regretable seeing or hearing Owan or Akoko Edo people are still being fanatical about political parties that have enslaved them over the years. Sad that many Owan and Akoko Edo politicians / elites still lack understanding, strategic and critical thinking about how to project their political future and development.

We are still ignorantly and innocently queuing behind Etsako people who have been hitting jackpots in Edo North and enslaving them with crumbs like the prodigal son.

We gladly go to take handouts and instructions from Etsako on what political decision to make. We have become willing slaves in love of their chains. How shameful is it, that servants are riding on horses while princes are on foot.

God will not give us what we do not work or asked for. Etsako is what it is today because of the political opportunities they keep hijacking in Edo North that belongs to all of us.

Asked, why then do we keep following them like zombis. When are we going to determine our own future. Know it now, a vote for Okpehvolo axis of Esan by any Owan or Akoko Edo person, is a vote for Etsako to consolidate their hegemony in Edo North, it a vote for continous political marginalisation of Owan & Akoko Edo and other minority nationalities in Nigeria.

Owan & Akoko Edo have every justification to queue massively behind the Agbazillos to protect their own political future. It will be an abomination to have any Owan or Akoko Edo given a single vote to Edo South where the incumbent governor hail from.

Power rotation has come to stay in our polity. The Tinubu Presidency was mainly achieved on the wings of power rotation, political opportunities or inclusion of the South after Buhari’s 8 yrs draconian regime.

The two major political parties in Nigeria did not go to Edo Central by mistake or coincidence but to assuage the genuine agitation of Esan people and uphold the power rotation principles.

My point is, a fair and equitable power rotation must not stop at the macro level as seen in the last presidential election. It must be allowed to trickle down to the micro level. That is the essence and true meaning of political fairness, equity and justice.

Owan & Akoko Edo must collectively send a clear message in Edo 2024 by giving block support/votes to the Agbazillo of Edo Central who are the most deserving now. Good enough, they have the most qualifed, competent, capable, exposed and experienced candidate in the election. This is the best message we can send to Etsako in view of the next opportunity for Edo North to have a shot at the gubernitorial position.

My people do not waste you votes to ensnare or futher enslave yourselves particularly in Edo North. Its time for strategic politics and Owan elites must rise to be counted in pushing this agenda.

God bless Owan Nation

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