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Uganda To Launch First Tin Refining Plant

IN a significant move to enhance its mining capacity and add value to domestic minerals, Uganda is preparing to commission its first tin refining plant in the southwestern region next month, announced a senior official from the mining ministry.

President Yoweri Museveni has been advocating for initiatives to maximise the benefits of exports within Uganda. This move is particularly significant in a nation where several gold refineries are already operational. Recently, Chinese-backed Sunbird Resources obtained a license to mine limestone for cement production, further indicating Uganda’s commitment to bolstering its mineral sector.

‘We are preparing to launch our very first tin processing facility,’ Irene Bateebe, a top official from the energy and mineral development ministry, confirmed. She added, ‘The launch is scheduled for next month.’
Woodcross Resources, a prominent mining and mineral trading company based in Uganda, is the owner of the forthcoming plant. Bateebe highlighted that the facility would refine tin to over 99 percent purity. However, details regarding the investment size remain undisclosed. Despite attempts to reach out to Woodcross for comment, there has been no immediate response.


‘We are confident that our tin refining plant will significantly contribute to enhancing the value of domestic minerals,’ Bateebe emphasized.

According to information available on Woodcross’s website, the company holds a tin mining licence, spanning an area of 40 square kilometres (15 square miles) in western Uganda. ‘Our planned tin refining plant boasts an annual capacity exceeding 1,000 tonnes,’ Bateebe stated.

However, amidst these developments, Woodcross Resources faced a setback as its premises were raided last month by investigators as part of a corruption inquiry, adding a layer of complexity to the unfolding narrative of Uganda’s mining sector.

‘The raid does not affect our commitment to launching the tin processing facility as planned,’ Bateebe assured.

The commissioning of Uganda’s first tin refining plant marks a significant milestone in the nation’s efforts to enhance domestic mineral value and expand its mining capacity. With President Museveni’s vision to maximize benefits from exports, this initiative aligns with Uganda’s broader economic goals, potentially paving the way for further advancements in the mining sector.

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