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Ghana Welcomes Digital Reading Library Through Digital Virgo And MTN Partnership

YOUSCRIBE, touted as Africa’s premier digital reading library with over one million subscribers, has unveiled its services in Ghana through a strategic collaboration with mobile payment specialist Digital Virgo and operator MTN.

Ghana marks the fourteenth country to embrace YouScribe’s platform and notably, the second English-speaking nation following South Africa. With a vast catalogue comprising more than a million books, audiobooks, press titles, and educational documents, YouScribe has already established itself as the largest French-language digital library.

Prospective readers in Ghana can now access YouScribe’s extensive offerings through a daily subscription priced at 0.75 Ghanan cedis (about $0.06). This subscription grants access to an impressive digital catalogue featuring nearly 200,000 English-language ebooks, alongside numerous press titles, audiobooks, and comic books.


Digital Virgo, renowned for its expertise in mobile payment solutions via telecom operator billing, will bolster YouScribe’s expansion efforts through its advanced digital technologies and acquisition strategies. With partnerships spanning over 140 telecom operators and 300 merchants, Digital Virgo is poised to facilitate YouScribe’s growth trajectory.

Collaborating closely with prominent Ghanaian publishers like Adaex Edu, Subsaharan Publishers, and African Books Collective, YouScribe aims to enrich its catalogue with locally relevant content tailored to the Ghanaian audience.

In just four years, the number of YouScribe subscribers has skyrocketed twenty-fold, surpassing 1.5 million readers worldwide, with over 95 percent of them based in Africa.

Ghana’s burgeoning market presents a significant growth opportunity for YouScribe, with projected user figures expected to reach 6.1 million by 2027. YouScribe is committed to leveraging its distribution capabilities in local languages and its accessibility strategy to play a pivotal role in this evolving landscape of digital reading in Ghana.

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