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Super Eagles vs Elephants Of Ivory Coast In AFCON 2024 Final, By Prof Emmanuel Ojeme

THE Super Eagles of Nigeria on Sunday, 11th of February 2024, faces the Elephants of Ivory Coast, the host nation in AFCON, 2024 final duel. The two teams went through the rigor of the tournament which started with 32 teams to emerge as the pair for the showdown of February 11th, 2024. This particular final game has characteristics that qualify it as a titanic encounter and which promises to be a huge battle and theatre of gigantic encounter. The giant of Africa, Nigeria’s national football team with a rich history in AFCON and national image to protect comes face to face with the team of the host nation who, against all odds riggled to the final.

The Elephants of Ivory Coast would fight to defend the honour of being the host nation to come tops. This is a game that would be tension soaked, and spectators are better be warned to control their feelings, enjoy the game and live to watch games in future. Let us be reminded that uncontrolled emotions in tension soaked sports contests of the status of the February 11th encounter, has sent many to the great beyond.

What would the Super Eagles come up against in this encounter? This writer volunteers to capture the event as follows:


1. The match venue will be packed with Ivoriens who would be cheering the Elephants and most likely drown the sparse voices of Nigerian fans in the stadium.

2. The Elephants and Super Eagles are both diasporan in composition and hence, would be a formidable match for each other.

3. In the earlier stage of this tournament, the Super Eagles had beaten the Elephants with a 1 – 0 goal margin and hence, the Elephants would play against Eagles with vengeance in view.

4. Being in Africa with its high spiritualised world view, the Ivoriens would most likely deploy a lot of spiritual technology to unsettle the Eagles. Consequently, the Eagles must approach the game with high connectivity to their sources of spiritual power.

5. Playing as the host nation, the Elephants would be iron cast in their mission to win the trophy. The Eagles, however, would be a difficult opponent to neutralise by the Elephants and inspite of the odds, the Eagles has the edge. Hence, the Nigerian team needs the protection of security agencies against irate Fans when the Elephants fall.

6. The Eagles must be wholesome in their game, demonstrate cohesion, elasticity and purposefulness throughout the encounter. The team must show resilience in the game.

7. Nigerian fans both in the stadium and at home should enjoy the game, pray for the team to do well and beware of the ecstasy that comes with it as well as the imperative of controlling emotions. A good spectatorship requires of everyone to enjoy the game, analyse the gamefulness of the teams and players and remember that no matter the outcome, there is always another day.

To Super Eagles, history beckons on you to do yourselves proud and lift up your nation, the giant of Africa in renewed hope mode. Here is an opportunity for you all to be part of history and immortality. We are all with you in prayers and supplications to the Supreme Being to give us this day in victory. This trophy is ours as our appetite is wet for victory

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