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President Tinubu, Beware Of The Ides Of March, By Dr. Obajide ILUGBO.

I am beginning to lose confidence in the sensibilities of the handlers of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

On what premise was the idea that the President should go to Ivory Coast to watch the AFCON final match based? And who proposed such? And to what end?
That was the height of frivolity if the President may care to know.
And that itself is a terrible indication that the reality of the time and season that Nigerian are going through is yet to really dawn on the Presidency.
Just while the people were taking their mind off the coded, unofficial and controversial trip of the President to France in the midst of the economic turmoil in the land, it would have been a pure misplacement of priority for the handlers of the President’s PR to fly the kite of attending AFCON final.
Does the President even think about his own safety? Cant anything go wrong in the stadium in Ivory Coast including assassination attempt. Such a crowd can harbor any vice in a region where renegade governments are breeding and Nigerians in Diaspora are on edge.
Rather than the Presidency thanking God for the AFCON season which has distracted Nigerians from their pains and their displeasure at the present administration, they want to add injury upon the insult.
This kind of reactive approach of administration is not befitting of the government of a Jagaban. Not one that should be drawn to the ring by the opposition who have no mandate to deliver because they are not the one in power. That Peter Obi is flocking with the Nigerian squad in AFCON shouldn’t be the inspiration for the Presidency to quickly package a roadshow for the President.
Thank God the agenda has been set aside but the thought of it is as annoying as the act itself.
Mr. President should get his PR team right.
Image is everything.


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