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Politicizing The Revered OBA Palace: Addressing The Elephants In The Room

Eben Enasco Reporting.

AS a keen observer of the upcoming 2024 Edo Gubernatorial election, I am dismayed by the attempts of some political parties to politicize the revered OBA Palace with fictitious claims.

Rather than focusing on their political ideology and people-centric policies, they are exploiting the Palace’s reputation for political gain.


It is unacceptable for politicians to use the Benin Monarch’s Palace as a political tool, creating unnecessary furor and division among the people.

I always love the best and most prepared Political Party with a clear agenda to win the upcoming 2024 Edo Gubernatorial election but not with fictitious claims to make the Palace of the Benin Monarch look partisan.

With most politicians now looking for sellable content to persuade the growing frustrated voters, it will do more good to concentrate on their political ideology, and people-
centric policies that will improve the ideology of successive governments rather than make the Benin royalty and culture their wilf.

Some responsibilities come with being a party that allows people to seek their contents and entrance into the seat of power.

But there is a growing amount of people who follow or support various parties and are not happy that they didn’t get a clear direction other than using the name of the Palace to create furor and you have to ask, why is that?

How these parties and their affiliates conduct themselves in the build-up to the September Edo Gubernatorial election leaves many cold.

It’s thuggish, it’s rude and it can’t be excused as big fight showmanship anymore.

With Nigeria’s dwindling fortune amidst economic down-slide, citizens should not expect elements who can’t win bread any more for their families to embrace these embarrassment-called campaigns and hope for a better future.

No one is heard or seen telling Edo people their reasons for vying for the exalted seat, instead the move is about criticism of individuals.

The National Bureau of Statistics NBS revealed recently that the food inflation rate in April 2024 was 40.53%.

This was 15.92% higher than the rate recorded in April 2023 24.61%, indicating that families have had to earn more to eat.

Based on the NBC’s report, Kogi: 48.6% Kwara: 46.7% Ondo: 45.9% Osun: 45.6% Akwa Ibom: 45.1% Edo: 44.6% Abia: 44.6% Rivers: 44.5% Imo: 43.7% Oyo: 43.5%, have the highest rise in food prices across the country

The fall in food inflation on a month-on-month basis according to NBC was caused by a decrease in the rate of increase in the average prices of yam, water yam, Irish potatoes, beer, local beer, Milo, Bournvita, Nescafe, groundnut oil, palm oil, egg, fresh milk, powdered milk, tin milk, soft drinks, spirit, Chelsea, Seaman Schnapps, wine, and fruit, watermelon, pineapple, banana, pawpaw.”

Local producers face several obstacles like insecurity, power surges, hikes in fuel pump prices, and other variants militating against production, yet no clear policies to tackle the menace.

The only blueprints you hear from the elephant in the room are the Palace in the morning and at sunset, the Palace again.

Let us address the elephant in the room, who pretends to be sympathetic to the Palace of the Benin Monarch over issues of traditional engagement, yet, thin on the ground in policy making and execution.

Like it or not, the Benin Palace is still viewed in many parts of the world as the best monarchical or traditional system and no matter the antics shown by people of political mindset can do anything to dispel that.

They are not representing our traditional heritage, our state, and our country, they are part of the failing institutions, but not a world champion.

Yet it comes to a point where I find myself saying ‘You’re groomed for doom but you know what? This is not on, we’ve had enough.’

The Benin Palace is a continuous lifetime story and not an underdog, who has battled his mental demons to get back on the road to recovery and rise to be a champion.

It has warmed the hearts of people across the globe who don’t necessarily follow traditions and would continue to do so.

The Palace represents a rich cultural heritage and tradition, and its integrity should be respected.

Instead of resorting to thuggish and rude behavior, political parties should concentrate on presenting clear and compelling reasons for their candidacy.

They should articulate their vision for the state’s development and improvement, rather than relying on cheap tactics to sway voters.

The Benin Palace is an institution revered globally for its monarchical system, and no amount of political manipulation can tarnish its reputation.

It is time for politicians to address the real issues affecting the people of Edo State and present meaningful solutions, rather than hiding behind the Palace’s prestige.

Let us focus on the substance of political campaigns, rather than resorting to cheap tricks and exploitation of cultural heritage.

The people of Edo State deserve better and no one should try to cow our mental capacity.

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