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Pay Attention To Details, By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq in situating the meaning and etymology of the Word “Detail”, posited thus;

Detail is a small fact or spot in a larger entity. That ambiguous smile is just one detail of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Detail comes from the French for cutting into pieces, but in English we only use it to refer to the pieces. As a noun, detail means an isolated aspect of something larger. If you’re painting a landscape, don’t forget details like individual birds and trees. Detail can also mean a team of workers for a special task. If you go on a group camping trip, try for the food detail instead of the trash detail

If you want to be large in life ,you have to pay attention to the small things , because the small things make the large .If you cheated in the small things ,you will cheat in the large .Any one that attempts to have some thing with your woman , will betray you. Life has one rule , whether in fun or in war. A Person that acts properly in fun , will act properly in war .Any woman that collects money for a man and does not show up , will hit you harder in the big stage


The Character of a big scam or a big faithful person shows at the small stage. Never say it does matter , those things you say don’t matter , matters most .

When you discuss the destruction of another person with your friend who caused the destruction, just know that you are next in line to be destroyed .Once you see a person that is good in destroying others , run for your life , as some persons have evil in their DNA. They find pleasure in evil , so you should be wary and not complicit .

You should care about any thing and everything. Never take anything for granted .Follow up on information. Never you be deceived by your strength and do not reveal your strength to friends , else they will hold your weakness as an ace .

Never reveal your secrets to your friends, else they secrete your secret for their gains .Never advertise for a secretary, else your enemies will send one .

Things are not the way they seem. Use you sense and try and play some chess . Understand your environment, else you will be like puns in a game of chess .If you cared less ,you go less .

Create channels of information. Ensure you have evidence of what you do. When you cough ,sign a document. There is nothing like , don’t bother , he is my brother. When You hear of real evidence, it is not what you say ,but what you see and what you see denotes documents. Photocopy or snap any document before you submit and ensure that they sign receipt of any document, as you should have proof of any thing you think you will refer to in future.

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