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PAIX Data Centres Expands Accra Facility To 1.2 MW, Boosting Ghana’s Digital Economy

PAIX Data Centres, a leading provider of data centre solutions, has announced the expansion of its facility in Accra to 1.2 MW. This critical development is expected to significantly boost Ghana’s digital economy and create new job opportunities.

The expanded data centre, now one of the largest in Ghana, will support internet service providers (ISPs), cloud providers, and enterprises, enabling them to leverage robust digital infrastructure and improved connectivity. This will facilitate the growth of online businesses, such as e-commerce, in the digital era.


Bright Tawiah, Managing Director of PAIX Data Centres, Ghana, emphasised the importance of this expansion: ‘This expansion reaffirms our dedication to providing best-in-class data centre solutions to our customers in Accra and beyond. As one of Africa’s digital economy hotspots, Accra plays a vital role in driving innovation and growth across various industries. We are proud to be at the forefront of this transformation, enabling businesses to thrive in today’s increasingly connected world.’

The expansion comes at a pivotal time, as the demand for reliable and scalable data centres in Africa is expected to exceed supply by 300 percent over the next two years. Industry estimates indicate that the current installed capacity of 250 MW will need to increase to 1,200 MW by 2030 to meet the rapidly growing demand for data, with consumption expected to rise by 40 percent annually until 2025.

Alexander Sulzberger, Co-Founder & CTO of Ecoband Networks, praised PAIX’s efforts: ‘Ecoband Networks has been one of PAIX’s longest-standing customers, utilising the RackAfrica datacentre in Accra since its inception in 2013. We have been extremely pleased with the continuous expansion and upgrade plans spearheaded by the PAIX management, ensuring the delivery of world-class data centre services with zero downtime.’

The upgraded facility features state-of-the-art infrastructure and robust security measures, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for mission-critical applications and services. Advanced cooling and waste management systems, along with increased integration of renewable energy, enhance the environmental impact.

Strategically located in Accra, the facility offers low latency connectivity to major regional and international network routes and subsea cables, further boosting efficiency and performance.

PAIX Data Centres acquired its first facility in Accra in 2018 and built a second data centre in Kenya in 2020. Further locations are under development, aligning with the company’s mission to drive digital transformation and foster innovation across Africa.

Gregory Eid, CEO of Teledata ICT, highlighted the benefits: ‘At Teledata ICT, we are thrilled to see PAIX Data Centres expanding their capacity in Accra. This significant enhancement not only supports our mission to deliver reliable and high-speed internet services but also reinforces our commitment to fostering digital growth in Ghana.’

In 2022, Africa50, a pioneering infrastructure investor, committed $20 million in equity investment to PAIX Data Centres to support the company’s expansion into new markets and upgrade existing facilities.

Gershon Dzandu, General Manager at FTSToday, underscored PAIX’s impact: ‘PAIX is at the heart of the colocation industry in Ghana, strategically located in the centre of Accra with expanded state-of-the-art facilities that guarantee safety, security, and unparalleled uptime. They have been an integral part of our growth and continued success.’

Wouter van Hulten, CEO of PAIX Data Centres, added: ‘PAIX’s investment in our ACC-1 data centre positions it as the leading network hub in West Africa. We are working closely with our connectivity, CDN, social media, and cloud customers to develop thriving magnetic cloud and content hubs in Accra.’

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