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Four More Democrats in Congress call for Biden To Step Aside In The 2024 Race

At least four senior House Democrats told colleagues on a private call yesterday that it was time for President Biden to end his campaign, reflecting mounting panic among top Democrats about the viability of his candidacy, according to people who were present for the session.

A growing number of Democrats from across the party’s ideological spectrum are calling for Biden to drop out of the race, amid questions about his age, mental acuity and fitness for office. Some donors have grown skittish, and insiders worry that the Biden campaign’s strategy — making the 2024 contest a referendum on Donald Trump — has been sidetracked by the president’s poor debate performance.


Biden: The president has defiantly swatted away suggestions that he leave the race, and he spent yesterday in Philadelphia, seeking to reassure voters who helped him win in 2020 that he is still capable of beating Trump.

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