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Monday Okpebholo’s Wives Battering And Serial Divorces Not Good Enough For Edo People, By Johnbull Aigbodion


EDO people are beginning to find out why the nervous candidate of the APC hates public appearances with passion. Obviously, there are too many skeletons he has been trying to hide from Edo people. But as it is said in Scriptures, your sin will find you out!. We have it on good authority that the anti – social man is just as itinerant in his marriage as he is with his tribe.

Bro Okpebholo, in his middle age, is already in pole position to be the most divorced man in Edo State. He has already married three times and dumped each one of them as carelessly as you would dump a used tissue paper. We understand that he has 4 children from the three former or ex – wives. Some of the marriages lasting less than 3 years.


Now caught in the moral burden of showing proofs of being a responsible man, we understand that the jittery man is in talks with a woman, whom he wants to impersonate a wife to be presented to Edo people.

Edo people have waited in vain before now to hear Monday Okpebholo talk about his wife or show her to us. But he prefers hide and seek, simply because he has battered them, wrecked them and packed them on the road side and going in search of another to soon batter and divorce again!

We are now beginning to understand his dilemma and self doubts. The misanthrope simply cannot maintain social relations; a terrible human flaw! How can he possibly run a State of 5 million people, if he couldn’t keep a wife and child in a family relationship?

This is a real conundrum for the APC! This is really disastrous! The man’s failings are getting too many and they are already enough to distract and distraught him without adding the work of political campaigning, not to even mention the onerous task of governance!

We are getting really concerned that we may not know this human termite at all! So many number of divorcing in such a short life time, and he is not done yet? We need to really investigate Okpebholo and find out how many more surprises he has for us. No wonder he leads them in Another Problem Coming (APC)!

Edo people reject problems!

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