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Little Known Aspirant, Jack-Rich Will Be Nigeria’s Next President, By Gambo Jagindi

IN recent times whenever Nigerian Presidential aspirants are mentioned his name is missing, when political analysts are analysing, he is not among those listed for discussion, and even when the rented crowds are cheering he is not considered as one of their customers, yet he is the most qualified aspirant and the best president for Nigeria come 2023.
Engineer Tein Jack-Rich, President/Founder  Belemaoil Producing Limited and APC Presidential aspirant is the man to beat in the 2023 presidential election.
Of all those contesting the 2023 Presidential election, Jack-Rich is the most qualified and suitable for the position, yet little is known of him because of his personality and intelligent disposition.
He is young, intelligent, has a strong vision for Nigeria, has very effective communication skills, courage to make unpopular decisions, good character, integrity and most importantly, he is bereft of religious and tribal sentiments because these two things have proven to be the scissors that is tearing the fabric as one indivisible Nigeria.
This philanthropist and entrepreneur par excellence has a great sense of business development. He was able to build his business empire from point zero to a level of elegance through God’s divine leading.
Tein Jack-Rich was born in Port Harcourt city on Jan. 28, 1975, to the humble family of Elder and Mrs Teinbo S. Jack-Rich from the Kalabari Kingdom of Rivers State,  Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.
As a philanthropist he has impacted the lives of thousands of Nigerian youths, orphans, widows and the less privileged members of our society through the Elizabeth Jack-Rich Foundation.
This great son of a fisherman from the Creeks of Port Harcourt, has been passionately distributing his wealth and touching lives positively across the six geographical regions of the country.
To mention just a few of his humanitarian projects spread across Nigeria are:
Construction of two million litres capacity portable water facility in Kula community, Rivers State, 50-bed students’ hostel at the University or Port Harcourt.
Others are; 3D Design 300-Bed capacity hospital with 600,000 litres capacity portable water, completed and commissioned 600,000 litres capacity portable water facility at Adoration Ministries in Emene, Enugu State and ongoing construction of an ultra modern faculty of Engineering and 180-Bed Students hostel at the Nigerian Army University,  Biu.
Jack-Rich also completed and commissioned 180,000 litres capacity portable water facility at the Sokoto State University, Sokoto and a one-off scholarships to 600 students in commemoration of the 2019 International Youths Day.
There is no state in Nigeria without a positive touch of his humanitarian gesture which he has been doing quietly without any media hype.
Jack-Rich, who was orphaned at the early age of 12, has persevered every hardship and all challenge life threw at him to rise to the pinnacle of success as President and Chief Executive Officer of the first indigenous oil exploration and producing company, Belemaoil producing limited.
Belemaoil emerged from an oil producing community in the heart of the Niger Delta known as Kula.
Jack-Rich sees oil and gas earning as the services economic catalyst for large scale industrial growth that is  able to liberate Nigeria from the domineering hands of the world’s most advanced economies and usher her into the community  of economic independent states with abundant increase in locally made goods  and services for export.
The only permanent thing in life is change, when you keep doing one thing and getting same results, you definitely desire a change and nothing will change in Nigeria if we keep recycling same people in the politics and governance of our great country.
With Jack-Rich, the future looks bright and we must not sell it for bread today
Gambo Jagindi, The publisher of Aluta News writes from Abuja and can be reach : 07065466654,

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