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Silhouette of Reality, By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq

It was Norman Cousins that said :

The Tragedy of life is not that we die , but what dies inside us why we live


Life is a complex milliue.Beyond the razzmatazz and laughs , lie the reality of debauchery.

Never you take anything for granted .Still water runs deep

Never you take any thing on a face value .The deep things of this life are for the profound.
Nothing bad orchestrated by man can happen to you with out the connivance of those you trust The more you trust some times , the more you are likely to get lost .Some are not lucky enough to be alive to tell the story.Life is like a tale of two cities .Same story, has two versions . People do not support what is right , they support who they like .Never you believe everything about some body you know especially,until you investigate it .There are very wicked people in this world .Do not be misled by rumours .Also never you hate some one because of another .Do not inherit other people’s enemies .But do dump your friends for their enemies.

At your workplace ,those who are your contemporaries are your greatest enemies .Every time you rise , your enemies increases .They want you to fall ,not because it will make them rise , but because the fact that you fall ,gives them satisfaction in a manner that will surprise you .Instead of the ship to get to the destination,they will rather sink the ship .They do not care whether it is for the common good , they like it when you fall

Being nice in Nigeria is not a virtue .It is a liability.Being kind is a burden .They await the right moment to take advantage of your niceness or kindness , to bring you down

If people say they love you ,see it as weakness .It is better for them to say they fear you.You can not please everyone,except you sell ice cream.In the book , “The Prince “, by Niccolo Machiavelli,it is said that it better for you to be feared than for you to be love .

Even when you have it or when you can do it ,sometimes you have to say no .Tony Blair ,former British Prime Minister said Some times leadership is not all about saying yes , it is all about saying no

Never you be predictable, by your movements,what you eat or what you drink .When they want to get you , they understudy your weakness and penetrate you through it .Hang out mostly where you know the owner .When you deal with an office , know the boss , but do not under rate the gate man or the cleaner , because the gate man or the cleaner can give you information that will shock you.

Not everyone on the street acting like mad person is mad .Not everyone collecting condemned iron is real .Not everyone selling CDs, phone accessories,etc is real .Many of them are spies .

If you are a high net person ,who drinks expensive wines and eat exotic food ,dispose your dirt yourselves.There is the doctrine of dustbin intelligence, propounded by Dr Ernest Ikogwe .Your dustbin is a microcosm of your wealth or lack of it.An analysis of your dustbin will give kidnappers and armed robbers credible intelligence about your estimated net worth and all that have been hit through Intel from their dustbin ,has been 100 percent correct .

Dispose your dustbin yourself.Your dustbin is a revelation of the secret of your enjoyment and good life or lack of it .

Be careful for nothing.When you are a nobody,nobody cares about you , but when you are somebody , everyone is interested in your matter .Think issues deeply.Things are not always the way they seem.

Avoid always responding to calls to come out for hanging out , it is the easiest way to go .Always take your calls, no matter who you are or how busy you are ,it gives you free flow of information.

Let your family members have adequate information about your whereabouts and accounts information.Let them have access to your ATM pins.It will give them access to finance , if you are not able to do what a man can do .This is deep .A man was in coma and he died with millions in his account,when the family needed money . After his death the money was accessed through court order ,but he was six feet under .

Never you display your family members online .Do not display your location online .Never you let them know what you are doing , or they can undo it either physically or spiritually .

It is with silence you give the world a bang .

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