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Edo 2024: Aberration To Allow APC Godfathers Impose Deficient Okpebholo

By John Igietseme

JUST few hours ago I read that Edo state governor, was in New York to address world leaders at the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA).

Take note, Edo state governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki was not at the event as a spectator but as a speaker, which means his brilliant performances as a governor made the world leaders to probably notice him and invited him to address them, shedding light on certain areas that are of concern to the world.


Of a truth this thought brought a big smile to my face and you needed to see how pompous I was feeling to know that I come from a state that the Governor is widely recognized and respected by world leaders.

While basking in the euphoria of the excitement, a thought came to my mind which is “What if Senator Monday Okpebholo is elected as the governor of Edo state, (May God forbid) will he be able to stand on world stage before world leaders to address then eloquently? We already know that answer will be an affirmative NO!

Edo people, especially the Edo APC members and supporters of Monday Okpebholo governor and sharing stipends and few patronage at the detriment of the state development.

A good governor must be someone that can formulate and implement good policy that will ensure developments, attract and guarantee Foreign Direct Investments (FDI).

A good governor should be someone that has the charisma and technical know-how of effective governance that will develop not just the state but her people, without strangulating them with double taxation.

If we must be truthful to ourselves, we all know that Senator Monday Okpebholo lacks the needed characteristics of a leader or a governor?
He is intellectually deficient and obviously lacks the needed charisma for the office of a state governor.

Edo people must endeavor to ensure that the few desperate politicians in and out of Edo state that their glutinous political desires can never be satisfied, do not have their way into Edo state government house, because they are only interested in our meager patrimony, meant for the development and sustainability of Edo.

Edo people must stand their ground to reject APC godfathers, vultures, alongside their lions and tigers in the forthcoming Edo state election.

I also implore the few Edo youths on the side of APC to kindly jump ship before it’s too late. Let’s put the Edo interest above our personal interests by supporting and voting for Dr. Asue Ighodalo in the forthcoming Edo state governorship Election.

Pst John Igietseme (Hon) is a PDP Leader in Ward 2 Etsako East Local government Area of Edo State Nigeria.

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