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Chad PM Resigns After Election Defeat

CHADIAN Prime Minister Succes Masra announced his resignation on Wednesday, just over two weeks after his defeat to junta chief Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno in presidential elections. Deby, who secured 61 percent of the vote, is set to be sworn in on Thursday in the capital N’Djamena.

Masra, once a staunch opponent of Deby before assuming the role of prime minister four months ago, secured 18.5 percent of the vote but contested the election results.


‘I’ve just submitted my resignation and that of the transition government, which became irrelevant with the end of the presidential election,’ Masra stated in a Facebook post authenticated by his team to AFP. He emphasised that his decision was in accordance with the constitution.

Masra’s candidacy had faced criticism, with his party labelling the election a ‘masquerade’ and international rights groups questioning its credibility and fairness. Despite allegations of being a political puppet, Masra garnered significant support during the electoral campaign.

Deby’s victory marks the end of three years of military rule in Chad, initiated after the death of his father, President Idriss Deby Itno, in 2021. The junta, comprising 15 generals, had swiftly declared Deby as the transitional president following his father’s demise

The election was seen as a crucial step in restoring democratic governance in Chad, which holds strategic importance in the fight against insurgency across Africa’s Sahel region. Deby’s election received international endorsement, particularly from France, which maintains a military presence in the country.

Despite initial promises of an 18-month transition to democracy, Deby extended the transition period by two years. Opposition figures have faced repression, with some fleeing the country or joining forces with Deby.

The Sahel nations, grappling with insurgencies, have sought to strengthen ties with other global powers like Russia, while France has gradually reduced its military footprint in the region. The United States, also engaged in security cooperation with Chad, has withdrawn some troops as part of its Sahel counterterrorism efforts.

Deby’s victory and Masra’s resignation signal a significant development in Chad’s political landscape, with the country poised for a transition under Deby’s leadership.

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