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Asue Ighodalo Campaign Council Disapproves Of Royal Litigation

THE Dr Asue Ighodalo and Osarodion Ogie Campaign Council for the Edo 2024 Gubernatorial election wishes to express strong disapproval of actions that tend to insinuate any form of disrespect for the

highly revered person of Oba Ewuare II , Oba N’ Edo, Uku Akpolokpolo, and the Royal throne of the Great Palace.

We are convinced that those who have cause for concern about issues relating to the Palace should explore all available traditional mechanism for resolving issues, rather than resorting to the Law courts, especially when such persons are related to the Royal linage.


We counsel that such action be reviewed in the interest of filial harmony and the larger implications!

Similarly, we condemn in firm terms those who want to use this sobering period to drag the Palace into their political antics.

The Palace is the revered symbolism and custodian of our Edoid identity and must be so revered. We therefore advise politicians to ply their trade in their turf and leave the Royal throne alone.

As a responsible Campaign Organisation we have, and hereby restate our absolute regard for, and total cooperation with the Palace in ensuring peace, harmony and progress for all Edo people and residents.

Our candidate, Dr Asue Ighodalo, who is himself a Prince with Royal blood flowing in his veins understands the proper decorum befitting of Royalty and intends to demonstrate that through the course of the Campaign and beyond.

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