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Enough Of Your Blackmail And Attack On Oshiomhole: Benin Patriotic Group Warns Supporters Of Pastor Ize-iyamu

OUR attention has been drawn to a series of sponsored attacks that have been written and circulated by supporters of Pastor Osagie-Ize-Iyamu against comrade Adams Oshiomhole. Our attention was specifically drawn to one article titled “Adams Oshiomhole, the curse that must be exorcised”.

Having critically analysed the article, we wish to unequivocally state that:

1. In the history of Edo State, no governor has ever worked in Edo South(Benin) like Comrade Adams Oshiomhole except the late Chief Samuel Ogbemudia. Furthermore, in the history of Edo State, no governor has ever respected the Benin people and regarded the Benin monarch more than Comrade Adams Oshiomhole. It is also on record that in Edo State under the Lucky Igbinedion government where Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu served as SSG, the palace of the Oba of Benin was being cheated and shortchanged. It was Oshiomhole an Etsako man who came to expose the fact that the allocation for the palace was 10 million naira and not 2 million Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu and Lucky Igbinedion supposed Benin men were given to the palace.


2. Under the Lucky government where Ize-iyamu served as a powerful Chief of Staff and SSG, Benin City was in a total mess and was like a refugee camp with a huge infrastructure decay until Oshiomhole came and cleaned it up making it truly an ancient city through beautification and infrastructure development.

3. ⁠ Oshiomhole empowered and made more Benin people relevant politically than the government of Lucky Igbinedion where Ize-iyamu served as a powerful chief of Staff and SSG.

4. ⁠It is therefore hypocritical and disingenuous for anyone to try to tarnish the reputation of a man who has done so much for the people of Edo State, especially the people of Benin.

4. ⁠That while we do not intend to dabble into the internal happening in APC as it regards the forthcoming primary, we need to also remind Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu supporters that this same screening process they are currently crying over and attempting to blackmail Oshiomhole for was the same process and committee that picked him in 2020 and dropped other more loyal and qualified aspirant like Dr Pius Odubu and others. If Oshiomhole was not a godfather or an enemy of the Benin people at that time when the process favoured POI, they cannot call him the same now.

5. ⁠Pastor Osa Ize-Iyamu supporters should stop trying to instigate the Benin people and whip up tribal sentiment against Oshiomhole as we are aware of those who truly love us and those who never wish us well or love us.

6. ⁠We are not interested in the tribe, religion or status of whomsoever ever APC presents as a candidate but as far as the person has the required capacity to work as a governor the Benins will support him as we have never voted along ethnic lines in all elections. Even if APc decides to nominate anybody from Edo Central or Edo North, as far as they are competent the Benins will support him because the Oshiomhole though not from Benin was the brain behind the beautification of Benin City and made it a modernised ancient city of Benin. We have not forgotten the erosion control program in Benin and the quality roads under Oshiomhole. Consequently, we will prefer to support anybody capable even if the is not from Benin but has evidence of performance in the past than support any Benin person who we know can not perform or who has no evidence of performance in the previous office.

7. we will not tolerate or accept any further attack on comrade Adams Oshiomhole or attempt to blackmail him as an enemy of Benin for selfish political interest. We challenge them to show evidence of Ize-Iyamu’s contribution to Edo South people. We also challenge them to show us anywhere Pastor Osagie-Iyamu has condemned all the abominations of Governor Godwin Obaseki our supposed Benin brother against the Benin Monarch and the entire Benin Traditional Council. We have seen other non-Benin aspirants like Clem Agba, Prof. Osariemen OSUNBOR, Mr Gideon Obakhan etc openly speaking against the way Obaseki is treating the Benin Palace during all their recent campaigns, but we have never anywhere Osagie Ize-Iyamu has said anything or displayed his solidarity to the Benin Palace.

8. ⁠We also want to remind the supporters of Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu that the people of Edo State are not fools and cannot be swayed by cheap propaganda and blackmail. We urge them to focus on issue-based campaigns and stop trying to drag the name of a respected leader through the mud.

In conclusion, we want to reiterate our unwavering support for Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and urge all well-meaning Edo State citizens to disregard the malicious attacks and continue to support the progress and development that he has brought to our beloved state.

Thank you.


(National President )

( Secretary)

For: Benin Patriotic Group

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