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Are You a Lazy Person? Harness The Power Of Creativity To Drive Innovation And Boost Productivity

IN a world awash with stereotypes, a lazy identity is frequently caricatured as lethargic, uninspired, and unproductive. Lazy people have long been misunderstood and underestimated. Often characterized by a reluctance to engage in strenuous activities or a tendency to procrastinate, laziness can actually be seen in a new light.

However, the clever mastery and transformation of this trait, often viewed negatively, can open avenues to creativity, innovation, and productivity that surpass even the most industrious brains. Lazy individuals possess a unique perspective that allows them to approach problems from a different angle and seek out efficient ways to accomplish tasks with minimal effort


Modern-day society stands firmly on the notion that the antithesis of laziness—hard work—is an unwavering key to success. But is that the absolute truth? Some of the world’s most innovative minds suggest a contrary perspective. Renowned mathematician and theoretical physicist Albert Einstein once stated, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” This quote disrupts the conventional notion about laziness. If we shift our perspective, ‘laziness’ could just be another word for ‘efficiency’.

To understand the paradox of productive laziness, we first need to recognize that laziness becomes an issue only when it hampers us from achieving our goals. A perceived ‘lazy’ person, when motivated, seeks the easiest, smartest way to complete tasks, naturally birthing innovative methods. In fact, it is through such thinking that inventions like the wheel, machines, and even digital platforms were created—not by those who loved tireless work but by those who abhorred it sufficiently enough to seek a simpler route.

The intersection where laziness, creativity, and innovation converge on productivity can be a real game-changer. These so-called ‘lazy’ people have the ingenuity to devise incredible strategies that result in less work with greater yields. Essentially, they find alternative approaches through lateral thinking, making complicated processes more straightforward and user-friendly. This is precisely the recipe for prime innovation.

For young Nigerians plagued by societal expectations of extreme hard work, here is a fresh perspective to consider: there is immense power in innovative laziness. The ability to visualize and materialize more efficient methods to perform tasks or solve problems is one that should not be underestimated.

Leveraging this unique attribute can lead to productive ventures in multiple avenues. Entrepreneurship, for instance, could be an excellent gateway. The drive to improve routine tasks creates new business ideas and solutions, birthing innovative start-ups. For young Nigerians willing to take the plunge, opportunities abound in areas such as ed-tech, agri-tech, and financial services, driven by the need for efficient, sleek, technology-based solutions.

In addition to being drivers of wealth creation, such innovations improve overall economic productivity. The effects ripple through society, providing jobs and improving living conditions. Innovative laziness, thus, can be held as economic transformation in disguise.

Of course, in advocating for innovative laziness, it is crucial to mention the importance of a balanced approach. This is not a call for complacency or evasion of challenges, but instead an encouragement to transform the negative perception of laziness. It’s a plea to engender a culture that, while encouraging hard work, equally values smart work.

In order to optimise the fruits of innovative laziness, one has to first identify their passions and interests. Once these are clear, it becomes easier to harness the inertia associated with laziness and direct it towards inventing, organising, and creating. The mix of innate creativity, inquisitiveness, and a dash of indolence might just be the catalyst needed to awaken the productive genius within you.

Nevertheless, engaging in speculative endeavors like crypto trading, forex trading, betting, or real estate speculation, although seemingly lucrative, lacks the essence of true creativity and innovation. Such pursuits, often synonymous with a culture of easy money, sow the seeds of corruption and hinder genuine progress. These activities, while filling pockets momentarily, do not contribute to the core fabric of innovation and productivity. They perpetuate a cycle where wealth is amassed without creating value, leading to a decreased productivity and rampant corruption.

An essential part of becoming productively lazy involves fostering consistent self-discipline, a spirit of resilience, and incessant learning. While it may seem paradoxical, it is indeed through cultivating these characteristics that one can best utilise their inherent innovative capabilities.

In conclusion, labelling someone as lazy shouldn’t necessarily be an indictment but should be seen as a potential attribute of creativity and innovation that may lead to greater productivity. By changing our perspective, we can challenge the conventional wisdom of what it means to be ‘lazy’. To all young Nigerians, take pride in your ‘innovative laziness’.

It is time to turn this perceived weakness into a formidable strength that holds the potential to transform both your life and the economic landscape of Nigeria. Laziness, when channelled correctly, can indeed lead to creativity, innovation and productivity. Be persistently curious. Be passionately innovative. Be productively lazy.

So, if you’ve ever been called lazy, don’t be disheartened. Instead, let your creativity and innovative spirit shine bright, and watch as you turn your laziness into a powerful force for positive change and success. The world is waiting for your unique contributions—go out there and make it happen! God is with us!

Prof. Chiwuike Uba

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