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Young Mandate Group Lampoons Ihonvbere For Bribing Electorates With Cutlass And Hoes, 18 Century Farming Tools In 21st Century

THE Young Mandate Group (YOMG) has come heavily on Julius Ihonvbere for bribing Owan Federal Constituency electorates with outdated farming tools in order to secure their votes in next year’s general elections.

Ihonvbere is the outgoing member in the House of Representatives under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) without a successful bill to his credit in the last three and half years in the Red Chambers.


Speaking on Ihonvbere’s tragic outing as defoliated progressive, the Director General of YOMG, Comrade Mahmoud Evbouan chided him for weaponizing poverty by sharing cutlass, hoes, chemicals, wheelbarrow and cup of rice in 21st century to electorates to secure their votes.

“Obviously, Ihonvbere’s mindset is rooted in stone age at a time Nigerians have already embraced mechanized farming.

“It was a show of shame yesterday for Ihonvbere to send out town criers across Afuze community in Owan East, calling voters to collect cup of rice, when his colleagues are educating and empowering their constituents across the country.

“We’re tired of old men with retarded and unregenerating mindsets who are only interested in burnishing their wayward lifestyle with funds from public office without knowing that power comes with responsibilities”, Mahmoud said.

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