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Why Is Senator Monday Okpebholo Hiding? (Part one)

THERE is a thin line between humility and stupidity and there is an even thinner line between ignorance and quietness.

I was told a story once of how a certain young damsel was approached by this very rich guy who was asking for her hand in marriage.

Apart from this guy’s wealth, he was also a chronic stammerer. We all watched with amazement how the girl stoutly rejected his very many emotional overtures for marriage.


After the fellow left, we all rushed to the girl to ask her how on earth she would reject the offer of such a rich guy? It was at that point when the girl opened her mouth to talk that we knew that she was also a stammerer.

Her response however was hilarious, she said “the the guy na na na sta sta stam-me-rer, if I I ma ma marry am, our pi pi pikin nor go go talk”.

Wow! No wonder all the time the guy was pressurizing her, she didn’t say a word, she just kept shaking her head in the negative.

If we never approached her to discover that she was a stammerer, we would have thought she was either just quiet or humble.

This story helps us to understand the predicament the APC candidate may be in.

Almost three months after his emergence as the candidate of the APC Senator Monday Okpebholo has not had any engagement with any organization on any platform.

The guys in diaspora are looking for him, the business community don’t even know his real face or voice and the academic community can’t factor whether his voice is thin or thick.

Every time he has to speak to a familiar crowd of APC supporters in a controlled environment, it’s either someone speaks for him or when he does you won’t hear the sound bites as the APC would sensor any video or ban anyone from using any electronic recording device.

Truth be told, the APC candidate is not really shy nor quiet, he is actually just ignorant on many issues and barren upstairs.

You don’t have to be an orator to be a communicator, you just have to be a reader to have something to say, because the more you know, the more you have to say and the more you learn, the more people have something to learn from you.

Before the APC and their media voltrons would rush to defend their barely educated candidate against this post like eagles gather around carcass, they should prove me wrong first by asking their candidate to feature on Channels, Arise or their own TVC.

If national television is too big, Monday Okpebholo should even try a thirty minutes on ITV, EBS or any radio station so we can hear the quality of his thoughts and his suave speaking according to Kassim Afegbua

This is how APC packaged for us an anachronistic, medieval General Buhari who became an unmitigated disaster, while those around him micro-managed him to their own benefit.

Monday Okpebholo should come out of his hiding to talk to Edo people. I assure you that the man is not shy nor quiet, he is just incapable of sound idealistic communication or intellectual postulation!

Rev Olu Martins is the Deputy Director General Media and Publicity for the Asue/Ogie Campaign Management Council

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