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Why Has EFCC Not Arrested Yari And Mattawale, Bello Despite Similar Court Order, By Prof Mike Ozekhome, SAN, CON, OFR, Ph.D

A WRITE UP ALLEDELY made me, Mike Ozekhome SAN

My attention has just been drawn to the above disturbing and shocking piece of trash allegedly authored by me. I DID NOT,NEVER DID, NOR WILL I EVER CONTEMPLATE SPEWING OUT SUCH ODIOUS INANITY AND BANAL STATEMENT DEVOID OF COMMON SENSE AND REASONING The above writeup ascribed to me is a LIE FROM the PIT OF HELL.

How can I, Matawalle’s friend and lawyer of many years,utter such nonsense? How could I be linked with a statement suggesting meddling into a matter that is subjudice; or media trial, ad homine application of laws; or conviction before trial,when the whole world knows me for preaching and writing human rights, due process democracy and good governance for over four decades? I hereby WHOLLY DENOUNCE the writeup.


I also hereby humbly urge MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC TO IGNORE the statement and its banner headline,all of which are utterly false,baseless, unfounded and which are simply idiotic. They constitue nothing but hallucinations from the fertile imagination of the writer. Such statements are spewed by faceless idle internet crawlers that nobel laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, once historically described as “millipedes of the internet”.

It is apposite to note here that the issue of me being the author can not even arise because the faceless author still quoted an alleged earlier statement purportedly made by me of I defeating the EFCC 11 times.I couldn’t have been authoring a statement, yet quoting myself, saying, “No wonder the renowned senior advocate, Mike Ozekhome described the anti graft agency with the following statement.

EFCC is a paper tiger, i have taken them to court eleven times and defeated them – Mike Ozekhome SAN”. Please, ignore the statement and consign it to the trashcan of history where it rightly belongs.

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