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Why Dissidents In LP Make Spurious Allegations Against Party Leadership

THE leadership of the Labour Party (LP) in Edo State has disowned the report contained in a video purportedly made by one Liboros Oshoma making some allegations against the party’s national leader, Peter Obi and its national chairman, Barrister Julius Abure.

In its response to the video and the allegations made therein, the LP stated: “It is pertinent to underscore that these allegations are false, spurious and deliberate attempt to derail the party and its objectives, mostly the several attempts made in sponsoring a group of dissidents within the party who went as far as attempting to scuttle and frustrate the election petition in the tribunal.


“Edo Labour Party is aware that the sponsors of these attacks are unrelenting and are daily looking for pliable accomplices like Liborous Oshoma to continue to further the decapitation of Labour Party, but we assure them, that their efforts will be futile and of no effect.

“It is very obvious that the Liborous Oshoma’s video was a sponsored and paid advert from the opposition party and fugitive Curtis Ugbo, who is daily finding ways to be relevant crook or hook, crudely dispatched himself to the occasion even though he is not a member of the Labour Party.

“Somewhere else, Curtis Ugbo said party officials accept cash/payments into their personal accounts. This is another lie invented from the pit of hell. NO need to explain further but however, here is the party’s corporate account number: 2033793991, held in First Bank Plc. The public can investigate.”

Going further, the LP submitted: “The issue of forgeries as stated in the video has been cleared by the Police through their various reports. It is also very clear that it is only Labour Party that has internal democracy which has attracted many people to the party.



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