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” Vigorously Demand Good Governance From President Tinubu” By Williams Adesoji

  • _ Social Critic Challenges Nigerians

LOOKING at one year of President Bola Tinubu’s leadership of Nigeria, a renowned Nigerian social critic, human rights and pro-democracy activist, Comrade Igbotako Nowinta, has called on the Nigerian masses to vigorously demand good governance from him.

Comrade Igbotako Nowinta, the Executive Director, Nigeria Good Governance Research Centre, who doubles as an international conflict resolution expert, made the call via a press release titled: “Nigerians Must Not Die On Their Knees: Vigorously Demand Good Governance from President Tinubu”, which he gave to journalists in Abuja on Monday, May 27th, 2024.

Comrade Nowinta said the people of Nigeria have never been so badly hit by hyper inflationary trends in the country, the way things are terrible now, saying the one year presidency of President Tinubu is inhabited by “monsters of villainy and avarice”.


According to the full text of the press release:

“One year after President Bola Ahmed Tinubu took the reins of power, his presidency has attracted misery, grief and anguish to the people of Nigeria. Our people are suffocating and panting for survival under a government run by cranks and dreamers.

“His cabinet is populated by most incompetent characters, such as we have seen in the Minister of Works, David Umahi, who has destroyed millions of dollars of private commercial investments (eg Landmark Beach Resort) in the name of the Lagos – Calabar Coastal Project; and he is talking of encountering cables on that same route, which has prompted him to abandon that same project route.

“What David Umahi has done is unthinkable in other contexts because he did not do his home work well in that regard before commencing such gigantic project. We see a federal government leaving our people in the dust of hunger, unwarranted pains and certain death.

“The Tinubu presidency has failed to maintain a sense of focus and responsibility, instead, we see incessant graft, nepotism amongst the new set of despots; we see many cold unimpassioned policies tearing our people to pieces. While the Governor of Edo State has started implementing the 70,000, ( seventy thousand) minimum wage, the Tinubu presidency is frustrating the noble initiative of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) on this matter of life and death.

“It is a pity that the people of Nigeria are being confronted with infernal rogues and nest of criminals who are not bothered about the current humiliating fate confronting our people. These monsters of villainy and avarice must be confronted head long.

“Therefore, in the face of the prevailing excruciating economic realities, we call on Nigerian people to vigorously demand good governance from President Tinubu; we must not all die on own knees. Using every constitutional means within and without our reach, we must build a bedrock of resistance; demand a more inclusive and sustainable economic process.

“Our constitutional rights enable us to increase interaction and higher coordination as Nigerians, in order to aggressively counter on going hostile and destructive policies being implemented against us.

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