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US Top Pick For Africa, Says US Commerce Secretary

IN an exclusive interview with CNN recently, US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo emphasised America’s stance as a preferred partner for African nations, pledging cooperation without imposing conditions, amid growing competition from China and Russia. Raimondo’s remarks come amidst her inaugural official visit to Africa, where she attended the AmCham Business Summit and engaged in discussions with Kenyan President William Ruto.

‘We think we’re the best, we think we offer opportunities consistent with your [Africa’s] values of freedom and democracy, and so we want to be the partner that you choose to work with,’ Secretary Raimondo told CNN’s Larry Madowo during the interview held in Nairobi.

Acknowledging the existing deep ties between African nations and China, particularly in funding and infrastructure projects, Raimondo underscored the United States’ commitment to fostering partnerships without strings attached. She addressed concerns about African nations’ preference for dealing with China or Russia due to perceived avoidance of lectures on democracy and human rights, highlighting the US’s approach of partnership and investment.


‘I just met with President Ruto, and we had a fantastic meeting. I said to him: we’re not here to lecture, we’re here to partner, we’re here to learn from you, we’re here to invest, in your people and in your country,’ Raimondo affirmed, emphasising the US’s focus on mutual cooperation and investment in African prosperity.

Amidst Russia’s increasing presence in Africa, leveraging anti-Western sentiment in some nations for arms sales and resource exploitation, Raimondo’s diplomatic efforts aim to strengthen American ties with the continent. The US Commerce Secretary’s visit signals a renewed commitment to African partnerships, reflecting broader geopolitical dynamics and economic interests in the region.

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