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Ugandan Startup To Showcase Tech Innovation At GITEX AFRICA

IN recent years, Uganda has seen remarkable technological advancements, addressing socio-economic challenges through innovative solutions. At GITEX AFRICA, the continent’s premier tech event in Marrakech, Morocco from May 29 to 31, a standout Ugandan startup will showcase its innovations in the automotive sector.

AutoFore, a pioneering automotive aftersales support, focuses on developing sustainable and environmentally friendly automotive businesses while creating employment opportunities. Led by CEO and Founder Agatha Nambuya, AutoFore aims to revolutionise mobility in Africa through technology and skilled labour.

One of AutoFore’s flagship initiatives, Auto4, is an online platform connecting car owners with automotive vendors, addressing challenges such as sourcing reliable spare parts and accessing quality repair centres for imported vehicles in Uganda.


Agatha Nambuya emphasised the motivation behind launching AutoFore, stating, ‘Uganda’s automotive market presented an opportunity for innovation, especially given the challenges with maintaining used imported vehicles. As a local startup, we aim to contribute meaningfully to our community and foster sustainable automotive businesses.’

AutoFore is gearing up to participate as an exhibitor at GITEX AFRICA for the first time, with high expectations. Nambuya highlighted the event’s potential to accelerate business growth and contribute to advancing Africa’s automotive industry through collaboration and expansion within the tech ecosystem.

Uganda’s startup scene, fuelled by nearly $25.76 million in funding in 2022, holds immense potential across sectors like technology adoption, fintech, e-commerce, renewable energy, and healthcare.

AutoFore not only offers technology-driven solutions but also creates employment opportunities within the automotive sector. Nambuya expressed pride in supporting small businesses and creating jobs for mechanics and technicians, contributing to economic development and skills building in the local community.

However, navigating funding remains challenging for Ugandan startups due to limited access to capital and investor awareness. AutoFore’s journey highlights the importance of networking and relationship building in securing funding and overcoming obstacles.

GITEX AFRICA 2024 will further elevate Uganda’s technological progress, with Uganda’s Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation, Monica Musenero Masanza, speaking at the GITEX AFRICA Digital Summit.

Under the auspices of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco, GITEX AFRICA is organised by KAOUN International, supported by the Moroccan Ministry of Digital Transition and Administration Reform, and endorsed by the Ministry of Health & Social Protection, showcasing Africa’s innovation

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