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Uganda To See Surge In Millionaires By 2033: Henley Report

A RECENT report by Henley & Partners reveals that Uganda is among a select group of African countries expected to witness substantial growth in millionaires over the next decade. While traditional sectors like hi-tech and manufacturing may lag, Uganda is poised to capitalise on agriculture, tourism, and mining to enhance national wealth. The report also forecasts Uganda’s transition to a net oil-exporting country by 2025, highlighting a shift towards resource-based prosperity in the region.

The Henley & Partners report underscores the changing landscape of African wealth, showcasing emerging millionaire hubs such as Mauritius, Namibia, and Rwanda. While South Africa remains a dominant wealth market, these new regions are demonstrating promising growth, reflecting the continent’s economic diversity and potential.


Accurately assessing Africa’s millionaire population is complicated by disparities in wealth measurement methods. Factors like stock market performance and currency fluctuations can impact wealth rankings, influencing perceptions of wealth distribution and economic growth dynamics.

The report emphasises Africa’s vast potential for wealth creation by harnessing natural resources, improving investment migration frameworks, and developing key sectors like tourism and technology. Addressing challenges such as safety, security, and tax policies can further stimulate wealth growth and attract global investment to the continent.

On a global scale, sectors such as fintech, eco-tourism, and rare metals mining are projected to drive substantial wealth growth in the future. This trend aligns with Uganda’s focus on leveraging its natural resources to boost its economy.

Africa’s evolving wealth landscape presents a dynamic mix of challenges and opportunities for economic and geopolitical development. The rise of millionaires in countries like Uganda signifies a shift towards resource-driven growth, while traditional hubs like South Africa continue to dominate. Transparent wealth measurement methodologies and proactive governance strategies to encourage local investment and talent retention are crucial for sustaining long-term prosperity across the continent.

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