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The Political 3 Horse Race Of Edo 2024

THE PDP Candidate no doubt brandish a very robust CV, Experience and Expertise which would naturally endear him to some of us who share the same political views and ideals, but the manner with which his emergence was orchestrated and stage manged by the incumbent Governor portends enormous setback and threats to his victory at the polls when the people eventually speak.

I do not subscribe to the wide spread allegations that Governor Obaseki has nothing to show the Edo people as Governor, he has a lot of policy reforms to his credit and some infrastructural projects which might not be very obvious and visible in Edo North. He has performed in the areas of power with the emergence of the Ossiomo Power Project and his knack to ensure workers earn their wages as and when due. He has also implemented higher minimum wage than his counterparts in richer states and the private sector wage style of paying 13th month salary is quite commendable.

However the shabby management of his relationship with his deputy leading to his eventual impeachment would also affect the voting pattern in the state not also undermining the alleged abandonment of the Chief Dan Orbih’s Legacy Group that have been said not to have benefitted from the Governor’s Group. These guys hold the magic wand if you recall what played out in the last NASS elections especially in Edo North and Central. I thought this was going to be an eye opener but it did not seem to matter let alone be a consideration.


Some were also of the view that after ousting his Deputy, the Governor would have picked a replacement from the Legacy Group. A politically sensational Paschal Ugbome may have been a deft move to resolve the unending rift but rather a romance with the Labour Party was considered a more appropriate strategic move.

Would this short period be enough to mend fences and / or heal the bruises and wounds said to have been inflicted on this Group in the last 8 years still remain a mystery.

The APC with its occult-like followership and the overwhelming crave for a youthful leadership may have an edge over the candidacy of the other parties. However what is baffling is that the party could not find other members who have the capacities to win rather than recalling 2 current members of NASS to occupy the first and second seats in Osadebe House. If they are able to manage those still having grudges from the fallout of the party primaries which is very likely given their hold on power at the federal level, the chances of cruising to victory is high.

We cannot also undermine the political weights and influence of my brother Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and my friend Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu who may not be in their best of relationship now but would sure work towards a common congruence firing on all cylinders from the different political zones to ensure the party wins and retain their political values and relevance.

The steam created by the Iconic Peter Obi is clearly absent from the relatively new and politically naive and unpopular Akpata. I have seen him show some creative and fashionable dancing steps like our brother in Ekiti State which is good though but not what is needed in a politically conscious state like ours. His recent choice of a Deputy from the North is also considered a strategic master stroke which has attracted some ethnic sentiments and added religious coloration to the race. The voting and political followership pattern of our people aren’t necessarily based on objective and constructive sentiments but largely on personal political interests and gains. I do not see Akpata commanding the unrepentant followership from the Obedient Movement who are actually the brain and roots behind the Obi’s Tsunami. He needs to step up the game especially when himself and my beloved brother, his running mate Chief Asamah Kadiri SAN are relatively new on the political turf.

The elections are close but far in the eyes of political pundits as no good analyst or forecaster has been able to confidently predict the outcome of the polls in September. In all, these three candidates though have winning chances but must get to work if they would command the votes of the peculiar politically conscious Edo people. Of course be sure money would have a major role to play considering the current economic hardship of the intentionally impoverished voting masses.

This narration is merely a product of my modest and objective view which may not necessarily represent the opinion of others but trust me as I can bet there would not be a radical departure from it.

My name is Comrade Victor Okhaimo and I Am Just Talking A Stroll.

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