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TAAG’s Ana Francisca Major To Speak At Angola Oil & Gas 2023

ENERGY Capital & Power (ECP) ( is proud to announce that Angola’s state-owned airline carrier TAAG Angola Airlines will be represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors: Non-Executive, Ana Francisca Major, at this year’s edition of the Angola Oil & Gas (AOG) conference (, taking place from September 13-14 in Luanda. During the event, Major will participate in several panel discussions and forums centered around transport and logistics in Angola.

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With over 70 years of operational history, TAAG represents a company that takes pride in actively working towards ensuring a prosperous and connected future. As the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Major has played a crucial role in the company’s success and innovation. Under her leadership, TAAG Angola has signed agreements with four leasing companies for the provision of nine Airbus A220-300 airliners, increasing the total number to 15. These planes, operated by TAAG Angola crew, will advance local content and capacity building in the transportation industry and reduce global operational expenses by 20% through fuel efficiency.


Recognizing the importance of partnerships, TAAG has recently partnered with GOL, a Brazilian airways company, to facilitate cargo distribution across Africa, South America, and Europe. TAAG covers cargo distribution within Africa while GOL serves Europe, Brazil, and Cuba. This partnership fosters tourism and economic synergies, creating a major connection between Latin America, Africa, and Europe. It aims to increase annual Angolan cargo distribution, strengthen TAAG’s competitiveness, and enhance connectivity. The partnership, along with a complementary codeshare agreement, brings increased economic opportunities, enhanced competitiveness and strengthened trade relations, while establishing Angola as a vital transcontinental bridge. These developments contribute to Angola’s economic growth, diversification, and global integration while support taking Angolan energy to the world.

“AOG 2023 is the premier event for the Angolan energy sector and stands to play a critical role in facilitating investment, not only in energy, but across the entire economic spectrum. Industries such as transportation offer high returns for investors, and through AOG 2023, the country will advance these opportunities, thereby connecting Angola with the world,” states Devi Paulsen-Abbott, CEO of event organizer ECP.

Major’s address at the AOG 2023 will shed light on the symbiotic relationship between the aviation industry and the energy sector, offering attendees fresh insights and thought-provoking ideas. With her expertise in managing a critical sector for the country’s economic growth, Major will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between the oil and gas industry and the vital aviation sector.

AOG 2023 returns to Luanda for its fourth edition from September 13-14 under the auspices of the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas and in partnership with the National Oil, Gas and Biofuels Agency, AIDAC and the African Energy Chamber. Visit for more information about this highly-anticipated event.

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