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Shehu Buba: The 2027 New Breed In Bauchi, By Sanusi Muhammad

BAUCHI State political gladiators, political merchants and other self-appointed ‘experts’ in political scheming and manipulation are already deploying their energies and claimed expertise towards contest in general elections, subtly and inconspicuously as Bauchi State steadily moves to another election year in 2027.

Capt. Bala Jibrin, Barr Ibrahim Zailani, Dr Danjuma Adamu Dabo, Air Marshal Sadeeq Baba Abubakar (Rtd), Prof Ali Pate, Amb Maitama Tugga, Sen. Halliru Dauda Jika and other few relatively unknown fortune seekers all grouped in the All Progressives Congress (APC), are already discreetly crisis-crossing the state, sounding out the turf and shoring up bridges.
The state’s political heavyweights across the divide from Bauchi south are already testing the terrain, reaching out to major and medium stakeholders feeling the political heat for better plans.

The names flying around suggests the tight and tough contest ahead at party primary election before the general elections in 2027 especially for the exalted position of the governor of the state, which may seem tentative for now, particularly since other less visible political actors may later join the race for trial of luck, fortune seeking or as sponsored moles.


Although it may still be speculative judgment from the number of highflying individuals from Bauchi south senatorial zone said to be nursing gubernatorial ambition to stand the challenges for the covetous seat, a name that rings the bell continuously within the political space as a recurrent decimal in the politics of Bauchi south and by extension, Bauchi state is that of Sen. Shehu Buba Umar.

Not that because he has garnered experience over the years or as a serving senator but because he has been justifying with positive and impactful results on why he is in the senate representing seven (7) local governments of Bauchi State.

And not only that, since his inauguration in June 2023, he has extended support and assistance to the two other senatorial zones of the state in his determination to print his name in gold and justify why he is in politics and the brand of politics he plays that abhors rancor and hate.

Sen. Shehu Buba Umar within his 10 months in the senate from the records in the public domain has provided succor and skills acquisition to over 500,000 members of his own senatorial and the two other zones apart from other periodic palliatives, support and economic empowerment to youths and women across religious and tribal divides.

Result of an opinion sampling conducted in 13 of the 20 local government areas of Bauchi State across party divide on the most preferred APC 2027 gubernatorial aspirant out of the lot, none stands out both in terms of public appeal, acceptability, generosity, robust representation, sterling leadership and political sagacity than Sen. Shehu Buba Umar who is busy burning the midnight oil in the 10th senate attending to the needs of the people without trumpeting his achievements.

No sane person can deny the fact that Sen. Shehu is a grassroots politician, highly calculative, focused and determined with the zeal of performance where others failed. He is a thorough breed politician who learned the ropes through dint of loyalty and hard work. In 2019, he deployed expertise to demystify the political hegemony of his zone to emerge as a high ranking political leader armed with a robust blueprint for the zone.

Undoubtedly, Sen. Shehu rose to his present status through tolerance, patience, loyalty and hard work spiced with exemplary leadership to attain lofty heights in his political career.
As a grassroots mobilizer, Sen. Shehu Buba Umar is blessed with the required capacity and wherewithal to stand the challenges of any elective office he may wish to contest to emerge victorious without scratch so long there is a level playing provided within the tenets of true democracy devoid of parochial sentiments and overbearing influence from traducers.

Sen. Shehu is not only an independent minded politician and leader, but also an excellent and reliable team player who deploys his wealth of experience and connections to bear for the benefit of Bauchi State and its people.
Indeed, his towering political profile, state and national outlook, his enduring legacy exemplified by his abiding humility, compassion and zest to usher development to his people stands him tall within the crowd any day, anytime and anywhere.

Presently, he is the 10th Senate Committee Chairman on Security and serves on other important committees of the senate.
Certainly, Sen. Shehu Buba Umar stands out tall as one of the most respected and adorned politicians in Northern Nigeria today. He has proven his worth in legislative functions tailored to stabilizing the polity and strengthening the veins of the democracy.

Bauchi State admires his representation and has resolved to pay him back with a bigger assignment in 2027 should he respond positively to the persistent clarion calls for the exalted seat of a governor.

Muhammad is a commentator on national affairs

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