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Saudi Arabia Poised To Host 2034 FIFA World Cup

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SAUDI Arabia has emerged as the sole candidate to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup, following the closure of the bid submission deadline.

This development positions the Kingdom as the presumptive host for the tournament, marking a significant milestone in its ambitious sports and socio-economic transformation agenda.

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) swiftly declared its intention to bid for the prestigious event, leveraging the Kingdom’s deep-rooted passion for football and its expanding portfolio of hosting world-class sporting events. This announcement was strategically timed just after FIFA’s invitation to countries within the Asia and Oceania regions to submit their bids, showcasing Saudi Arabia’s proactive approach to securing this global sporting spectacle.


Saudi Arabia’s bid is not just about hosting a football tournament; it is a testament to the country’s ongoing social and economic transformation initiatives. The Kingdom aims to deliver a world-class experience, drawing on its growing experience from events such as the 2023 FIFA Club World Cup and the 2027 AFC Asian Cup. This endeavor reflects Saudi Arabia’s commitment to becoming a central hub for international sports and entertainment.

The bid’s confirmation came in the wake of FIFA’s announcement that Morocco, Spain, and Portugal would host the 2030 World Cup, with the 2034 edition slated for the Asia or Oceania region. This strategic decision by FIFA was applauded by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) president, who highlighted it as a step towards equitable opportunities for all confederations to host the World Cup.

Saudi Arabia’s sole candidacy was solidified after Australia, a potential competitor, opted out of the bidding process. Football Australia’s decision, influenced by a strategic focus on hosting other major tournaments, left Saudi Arabia unchallenged in its quest to host the 2034 World Cup.

The Kingdom’s bid enjoys robust support from various countries and the AFC, underlining the international football community’s confidence in Saudi Arabia’s capability to organize an event of such magnitude. Hosting the World Cup aligns with Saudi Arabia’s broader vision of becoming a leading nation in global sports, further evidenced by its successful bid to host the 2027 Asian Cup and its interest in hosting the women’s edition in 2026.

As Saudi Arabia moves closer to being formally ratified as the 2034 World Cup host, the Kingdom’s preparation to welcome the world signifies a new era in its sports and cultural diplomacy, promising to deliver an unforgettable tournament that resonates with its vision of innovation, inclusivity, and global engagement

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