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Riverine Coalition Condemns Killings In Okomu, Calls For Peace In Edo

THE Coalition of Riverine Communities in Edo State has recently condemned the attack of persons and destruction of properties at the Okomu community in Ovia South-West of Edo State.

In an exclusive chat with LEGENDS TV, Comrades Ipiteikumoh Godfrey Owei the President, Ezekiel Daniel the Spokesperson, Mr Samuel Oroupa the Secretary and Hon Ayedi Ikiyokepere Sunny the Publicity Secretary jointly condemned the act which they described as brigandage.


They said, “we totally condemn the brigandage act which led to the loss of lives and properties in our environment. There is no place violence has ever brought about firm resolution of issues.

“Let me go down memory lane a bit. First World War and Second World War, after the killings and destructions, people still had a round table which gave birth to the United Nations. Let us narrow it down to our environment which is Niger-Delta. When there was a serious confrontation between security agencies and militants, at the end of the day, it ended in a round table which gave birth to Presidential Amnesty Program, PAP.

“We are saying it is better to jaw jaw than to war war because war war always ends in jaw jaw. So when we know that to jaw jaw is the best and only solution, why going about war war by killing and destruction?

“We condemn this barbaric act and we are using this opportunity to appeal to the armed men to kindly sheath their swords and embrace dialogue. Edo State government under the leadership of Governor Godwin Obaseki is a listening government. I know because our appeal has given birth to a lot of positivity in the riverine area. The roads, the jetties, the appointments and so on. If you have such a listening leader, there is no need for the killings and destruction.

“The aggrieved should put pen to paper their grievances and demands and forward it to the government. We are so sure that the government will take a look at it. A channel of communication will be opened between the government, the company and the aggrieved parties.

“We are saying there is no need for the violence and killings”, they said.

On the issue of employment, they advised that similar process of dialogue should be explored.

“The government is there to listen to them”, they said, “and there is the need for Corporate Social Responsibility from the side of the company”.

“The company is under the umbrella of the government. So the company cannot take decisions on their own with seeking the view of the government.

“Like we said before, their grievances should be legally sent to the government and we know that the government will do justice to.

“We the Coalition of Riverine Communities is appealing to our brothers in the creek to sheath their swords and embrace peace. Let the channel of dialogue be opened.

“We have the Ijaw apex body which is the Ijaw National Congress, INC, let them also write through the INC and we are sure it will be tabled and the needful will be done”, they stressed.

Prior before this report, there have been double attacks in Okomu Community which led to multiple injuries, destruction of properties and a lost of life of a young man. The perpetrators left a note, warning the management of Okomu Oil Company to employ youths from the locality or face continuous attack.

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