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Residents Fume Over Demolition of Iddo, Seek Government Intervention, By Oluwasegun Aina

Occupants of Iddo in Abuja have appealed to federal government to intervene in the proposed demolition of the area by the Nigerian Navy.
They pointed at a great loss if demolition of the area was not put on hold.
Hundred of residents in the area embarked on massive protest on Monday in strategic locations calling on President Tinubu and Minister of Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike to come to their aid in order not to get the location destroyed by Nigerian Navy.
Some of the protesters said it would be disastrous for those living there because of the hardship in the country.
A woman bearing Mrs Bola Johnson said she had not been happy ever since the place had been notified for demolition.
“I have not been sleeping well on daily basis alongside my family because we have no place to go.
“We gathered all our resources to put up our structure.
“This will make us lose millions of naira if Iddo is demolished.”
Akimi, the paramount ruler of the place call3d for calm among occupants.
“Adequate measure will be put in place for the demolition not to hold.
“We are aware the place has been marked for demolition long ago but we have notified Federal Capital Territory of the authentication of the place for Indigenes. “
However, informations from Nigerian Navy said the land was owned by the Nigerian Navy.
Recall that the front of the place was destroyed some years ago.
Students of University of Abuja who spoke during the protests, not wanting their names mentioned, said it would cause many people to be homeless.

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