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Reps Members Berates Colleagues Over National Anthem Bill

THE member representing Jere Federal Constituency of Borno State, Hon. Ahmed Satomi, has challenged his colleagues over the National Anthem bill.

Trojan News recalls that members of the House of Representatives passed a bill on Thursday, May 23, that will make Nigerians revert to the old National Anthem, “Nigeria we hail thee.”

The bill, sponsored by the Majority Leader of the House, Prof Julius Ihonbvere, underwent accelerated consideration on the floor of the House before passage.


In a video published by Premium Times, Senator Satomi questioned his colleagues on how Nigeria reverting to the old National Anthem will help solve some of the current problems bedeviling the country

He urged them to focus on things that will bring the development of the international community to Nigeria and improve the lives of the common man.

He said, “Me I do not know how this National Anthem will affect the well-being of the common man in Nigeria. Let’s be realistic. How will this support either hunger, banditry or improve insecurity? Let’s do what is beneficial to the common man. I concur with the minority leader. Let’s look for something that will bring development in the eyes of the international community to Nigeria.

“People are talking about nanotechnology and internet optics and we are still discussing the National anthem.

“There is a saying that says ‘Countries that rely on prayers will rely on the ones that do think. Please let’s think of something that will bring progress, stability, and prosperity to the economy of this nation and improve the lives of the common man”

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