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Putin Wins Fifth Term As President Of Russia

Putin says France resents Russia for 'stepping on its tail' in Africa

Vladimir Putin, has been elected for another term as President of Russia.

Recall that he was voted the world’s most powerful person four times between 2013 and 2016, Russia’s president has exerted his country’s influence around the world.


Trojan News reports that the 71-year-old leader will be commencing his fifth term in office.

According to Aljazeera, Critics describe him as a ruthless dictator, while supporters say he’s the resilient leader Russia needs.

However, his policies are shifting alliances and altering Moscow’s ties with Europe and the United States.

There’s the invasion of Ukraine, nuclear threats and a changing world order.

So, will Putin define Russia’s future for years to come? And is his political vision aligned with the country’s long-term interests?

The fifth election of the Russian politician and former intelligence officer has witnessed protests both pro and counter demonstrations.

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