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Presidential System Corrupt, Too Expensive — Adebanjo

The secret of my great health at 95 —Pa Ayo Adebanjo - Tribune Online

LEADER of the pan-Yoruba socio-political organisation, Afenifere, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, yesterday, threw his weight behind calls for Nigeria’s return to a parliamentary government insisting that the presidential system of government is too expensive and corrupt.

Adebanjo spoke in an interview with Arise Television.

His words: “Those of us who’ve had experience with the parliamentary system in this country see that it’s the only way out. The presidential system is corrupt, especially in Nigeria; it makes the president a dictator.


“To question the supremacy of the president is only in operation before the election; the moment he’s elected, he becomes a dictator where no one can oppose him. His word is the law.

“Particularly in Nigeria, our constitution makes the president the most powerful in the world. The system is too expensive and corrupt. The earlier we revert, the better.

“Under the parliamentary system, the prime minister becomes more responsible; he’s responsible to the parliament. By the name itself, the prime minister falls among equals. If he misbehaves, the parliament will question him because the ministers are elected members of their constituencies.

“The advantages of a parliamentary system are many. It is a welcome development that should be implemented expeditiously, and the constitution should be changed.”

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