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Open Letter To Mr. Peter Obi: Please Do Not Come To Chatham House

SIR, since four days, I have been making efforts to reach you but to no avail. I managed to get your phone from your Twitter handle. Check the number that ends in … 603, that is my number.

Since you are not picking, I want to pass my information through this medium. My message is simple: PLEASE DO NOT COME TO LONDON.


My message is not hearsay or gossip: I am one of those contacted to thwart your visit. We are two groups, working for APC and the other for PDP. I know this because the two groups contacted me before I settled for APC because the money is bigger. However, my friend who is working for the PDP share information with me.

APC agents are all over the place and have paid £500 pounds to people, with the promise to pay additional £500 after successfully thwarting your Chatham house visit. The PDP people are paying a total of 500 pounds. Part of their brief is to carry placards against you as a murderer who killed people in Ezu River. They will also portray you as a drug peddler, human trafficker and financier of IPOB. Their aim is to embarrass you.

The PDP group is even more vicious. It is being coordinated by Reno Omokiri. His points-man is one Ayo. They are trying everything possible to get the list of your delegates, do background check on them and write any crimes they might have committed or else they accuse them of any crime and carry the placards during your visit.

The Reno’s group boost of having the address of your house in London and the Hotels you and your delegates will be staying and your flight details. What they want to do with them is only known to Reno and one Iyke that works closely with him.

I decided to let you know this because on close interaction, Nigerians they paid for this dastardly act are mostly Obidient. They also recruited some Jamaicans.

Considering the level of what they are planning, both known and unknown, I urge you not to come.

If you care for our in-coming President please make sure this gets to him immediately.

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