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Ogun: FIB, Annex CP Set To Obstruct IGP Investigation Of A Land-Grabbing Monarch, Ishau Balogun, Kazeem Ajiboye, Others For Trespass, Threat To Life Of Arayomi Family Members – CHRSJ Alleges

A human rights organization, the Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice (CHRSJ) has alleged that the Commissioner of Police, in charge of Force Intelligence Bureau(FIB), Kam Salem House, Obalende, Lagos, Mrs. Mary Gbemudu George, has set to obstruct the ongoing investigation of the Inspector General of Police(IGP) on the alleged threat of life, attempted murder, physical attack, peculiar assault and trespass into the family land belonging to the children of Osuji Arayomi situated at the Oluke-Orile town via Itori in Ewekoro Local Government Area of Ogun State.

The ongoing investigation was carried out by the men of the Special Investigation Intelligence Bureau(SIIB), Eleweran, Abeokuta, on the directive of the Inspector General of Police(IGP) through a letter forwarded to the IGP from the Office of the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mallam Abubakar Mallami (SAN), and National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) National Headquarters, Abuja, requesting for thorough and credible investigation into the matter which lead to the arrest of land-grabbing acclaimed monarch, Oba? Ishau Adeola Balogun (+2349052631227), Mr. Kazeem Ajiboye (+2348032227257), the Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Olu-Omo & Company, Ota, Kabiru Onadimokun(+234 8033215219), Bamitale Jubril Akinsanya(+234 7034003295), Kunle Akinbode (+2347063456865), Shakiru Onadimokun Balogun, Kamoru Onadimokun(+234 8038205173) and other suspected persons.

The Woman Assistant Commissioner of Police who head the Department of Special Investigation Intelligence Bureau(SIIB), Eleweran, Abeokuta, with the Team Leader, Supol Adewale Adeyinka(+234 8033300778) and Investigation Police Officer(IPO), Inspector Adegoke (+234 7039884808) were still ongoing with their investigation on the subject matter in order to submit their report of their findings back to office of the Inspector General of Police (IGP).


It was learnt that few members of Arayomi family including; Alfa Saburi Arayomi(+234 8155304775) and Mrs.Temitope Abosede Arayomi:-(+234 9062350380), were sustained body injuries during the violent attack by the land-grabber thugs sent by Ishau Balogun and Kazeem Ajiboye for discontinuing their acclaimed agency aggreement on their said landed property.

Condemning the attacked on the rightful owner of the landed property, the human rights organization, the Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice (CHRSJ) which took up the matter for the helpless children of Osuji Arayomi, urged the Police officers in charged of the matter to do the thorough and credible Investigation after which all the suspected persons be dragging to Court of competent jurisdiction for adjudication on the subject matter.

The report has it that Mr. Ishau Balogun and Kazeem Ajiboye employed the CP Mary Gbemubu George and her lawless teaming members to obstruct the Nigeria Police boss investigation in order to save them from the established criminal action perpetrated against the children of Osuji Arayomi who are the owners of the said land in question.

The information added that the Police had since granted the alleged suspected arrested people bail but to be reporting back to the Police frequently for next stage of the Police action.

CHRSJ, while exposing the obstruction agenda of CP Mary George (+2349131111144 /+2349131111155) through an invitation letter with Ref. N0- CR:3000/FHQ/ANNEX/DVOL.52/55, dated 10th of August, 2022, to the children of Arayomi, except, impersonator Bamitale Jubril Akinsanya( not Arayomi) and signed by CP George, where she claimed that they were requested to interview her through the Officer in Charge of Team “D”( +2347031476716 /+2348033972657) on Tuesday 16th of August,2022 for a routine interview on land matter.

The Police invitation read thus; “This Bureau is conducting an enquiry in which there is a reasonable ground to invite you for a routine interview. It is a fact finding invitation and you are requested to interview the Commissioner of Police of the aforementioned address through O/C Team “D” on Tuesday 16th August, 2022 at 1000hrs. Your cooperation in this regard will be appreciated, please”.

It added that one Supol Akindele(+2349024074678) of the same department has also been the tool being used to threaten the law abiding citizens involved in the subject matter.

Speaking on the Police invitation letter, the Executive Chairman, Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice (CHRSJ), Comrade Adeniyi Alimi Sulaiman, who stated that deduced from the contents of the invitation letter, shown that Ishau Balogun and Kazeem Ajiboye with Police officer of this phone number-: (+2348033972651), collided together to orchestrate the illegal Police invitation using the name of CP Mary Gbemubu George for illegal duty, calling for outright dismissal of such disgraceful officer or by transferring him or her to North Eastern Nigeria where they were experiencing insurgency presently for policing job.

Sulaiman stressed that it would be too bad for a Commissioner of Police in Nigeria to append her signature to such a watering invitation letter, described the plan obstruction as illegal, disrespect to higher authorities, deriliction of duty, duplication of duty and ungodly mission on the part of the orchestrators of this Police invitation letter.

Although, it was gathered from reliable source that Mr. Ishau Adeola Balogun was not entitled to be on the throne he presently occupied illegally but use the power of thuggery to suppress the rightful owner of the throne from with the threaten to maim and kill them if they reaised any eyebrows. because Ishau Balogun bought the land where he built his illegal Palace in the town.

It was also learnt that the wife of the acclaimed monarch is a police officer with phone number:- (+2348022853439), has been the tool being used by the illegal monarch to encroach on the land of the innocent people of the community with the aid of security agents in the area which usually coordinated by this fake Monarch(+234 9052631227) and his wife Police Officer (+2348022853439).

Investigation revealed that the land-grabber monarch and his co-travellers were planning to eliminate the lives of the children of Chief Arayomi Osuji in order to take over the hectres and acres of their land, as contained in the CHRSJ’s Petition Letter to the aforementioned concerned authorities in order to wade into the matter before it went out of hand.

The said Petition Letter dated Wednesday 2nd day of March, 2022 and signed by the CHRSJ’s Executive Chairman, Comrade Adeniyi Alimi Sulaiman, called for immediate dethronement, arrest, investigate, interrogate and possible prosecution of the illegal monarch and to outrightly-dismisse his Police wife from Nigeria Police Force(NPF) and Jail their thugs-in-crime, so as to save the lives of the innocent children of Chief Osuji Arayomi and to also serve as deterrent to the any others allegedly Killers, notorious criminal/attackers, Land-Grabbers/Land-hijjackers and trespassers that have the same indiosyncratic criminality tendency of killing or attempted killing in their black and deathy heart.

Meanwhile, to support their ownership of the said landed property, the children of Chief Arayomi Osuji had earlier approached the State High Court of Justice sitting in Abeokuta for Affidavit of Affirmation dated 1st day of March, 2022.

According to the Affidavit, “That the late Chief Arayomi Osuji was the head of Olaogun- Arayomi family in Oluke-Orile village via Itori, Ewekoro Local Government area of Ogun State.

“Late Chief Arayomi Osuji was the owner of the landed property situated, lying and being at Oluke-Orile village, measuring approximately 91.988 hectres and 227.308 acres of land vide provisional copy Survey Plan NO.OG/93/2021/012 and another one at Ipaso, Oluke-Orile village via Itori in Ewekoro Local Government area of Ogun State, measuring approximately (A)91.518 Hectres and 226.147 acres of land, (B)5.030Hectres and 12.431 acres of land vide provisional copy Survey Plan N0:OG/93/2021/012.

“That the children namely; Chief Babatunde Jimoh Arayomi, Mrs. Fausat Modupeola Malomo(nee Arayomi;+234 7062411372), Mr. Kolawole Adio Olaogun-Arayomi;+234 7038895630, Mrs. Olayide Adunni Osayemi(nee Arayomi);+2349020309324, Alfa Saburi Olawale Arayomi;+234 8155304775, and Mr. Idrish Olamilekan Arayomi;+2347086314247, inherited the said landed property after the death of thier late father, Chief Arayomi Osuji”.

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