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Nigeria’s Dangote Refinery Exports First Jet Fuel Shipment To Europe

IN a significant move to expand the continental oil market, Africa’s largest independent refiner, the Dangote Refinery, has begun exporting its first jet fuel to Europe. Nigerian media reported on Saturday that a total of 45,000 metric tons of jet fuel is being transported by British Petroleum from the Dangote Refinery in Lagos to Rotterdam, Netherlands aboard the Doric Breeze.

The $20bn refinery, officially inaugurated in May 2023, aims to produce refined oil for the global market. This marks a major milestone for the refinery and for Nigeria, a key member of OPEC, although its global oil output has recently dropped to about 2 million barrels of crude per day.


Local media, quoting a report from S&P Global Commodity Insights, highlighted the significance of this export as a step towards bolstering Nigeria’s position in the international oil market.

The Dangote Refinery’s move to export jet fuel to Europe underscores the growing capacity of African refineries to meet international demands. The refinery’s establishment and its first export are expected to enhance Nigeria’s contribution to the global oil supply chain, providing a boost to the country’s economy and oil industry.

As Africa’s largest independent refiner, Dangote Refinery is set to play a crucial role in the continent’s oil sector, potentially paving the way for increased exports and economic growth. The refinery’s operations are poised to transform Nigeria’s oil refining capabilities, reducing the country’s dependence on imported refined products and increasing its export potential.

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