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Nigerian Unions Reject $40 Wage Offer, Threaten Strike Action

NIGERIAN labour unions have vowed to reject a 62,000 naira ($40) minimum wage offer by the federal government, threatening to resume strike action if their demands are not met. The unions are demanding a minimum wage of at least 250,000 naira ($170) per month. The current minimum wage stands at 30,000 naira ($20) monthly.

Chris Onyeka, the assistant secretary general of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), described the minimum wage offer by the Nigerian government as a ‘starvation wage.’ He stated, ‘Our position is very clear. We have never considered accepting 62,000 naira or any other wage… We will not negotiate a starvation wage,’ Onyeka told Nigeria’s Channels Television on Monday.


Last week, the umbrella of labour unions suspended their strike for five days to allow for negotiations between their representatives and the government over the minimum wage. During the brief strike, critical sectors such as airports, schools, businesses, and the power supply were significantly affected.

The unions have made it clear that if their demand for a 250,000 naira minimum wage is not met, they will resume their strike actions, which could lead to widespread disruptions across the country once again. The labour unions emphasise that the current offer from the government is insufficient to meet the basic needs of Nigerian workers.

As negotiations continue, the outcome remains uncertain, with the potential for significant impact on Nigeria’s economy and public services if an agreement is not reached soon.

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