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Nigerian Singer, Tems Reveals Her Love Language

Tems: 10 Things to Know About the Nigerian Singer-Songwriter

GRAMMY-winning Nigerian artist, Temilade Openiyi, popularly known as Tems, revealed that her love language is physical touch.

In an interview on the ‘Chicken Shop Date’ with Amelia, the Grammy-nominated singer delved into what qualities she values in a potential partner.


Tems expressed a fondness for physical touch and questioned whether acts of service were as important to her, given her tendency to be the giver in relationships.

“My love language is physical touch. I don’t know if my love language is an act of service because I’m always the one doing the servicing,” she disclosed.

Trojan News reports that during the interview, Tems opened up about her criteria for choosing a partner and her personal experiences with dating.

Known for her unique voice and breakthrough tracks, the singer revealed that she has a knack for selecting the right romantic partners.

I have never had a bad date. I think I’m very good at picking men. Just make them your b*tch,” she humorously said during the interview.

When asked about her ideal man, Tems listed humour and intelligence as top attributes that attract her. “Just intelligence, funny. I feel like funny people are intelligent,” she explained.

While she initially dismissed height as a crucial factor, she hinted that it might influence her preference.

“As far as you are intelligent, tall… I don’t really care about height, but..” she said.

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