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Nigerian Innovator Creates Drone For Rural Medical Deliveries

A YOUNG Nigerian has developed a drone to deliver medicine and medical supplies to patients in rural areas of the country’s impoverished northwest region. Jubrin Musa, a 25-year-old secondary school dropout from Kano, said he began working on the project 12 years ago.

‘I couldn’t continue my higher education because of financial challenges. But I have a passion for building drones that will take drugs and medical supplies from hospitals in the city to local areas as fast as possible to save lives,’ Musa told Turkish news agency Anadolu.


Musa recalled how he started the project by visiting a nearby internet cafe to research drone technology. ‘I did not have a cellphone or computer, so I turned to an internet cafe and spent hours on the system to fulfil my passion,’ he explained. He said the fuel-powered drone can currently travel as far as 10 kilometres.

Several communities in Nigeria cannot be accessed by road or coastal service due to difficult terrain, which hinders their access to medical aid. Musa’s innovation aims to bridge this gap.

‘My interest is to save lives, to ensure rural dwellers can get drugs on time,’ said Musa, who is seeking sponsors to further develop and expand his project.

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