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Nigeria Needs Restructuring, Devolution Of Powers – IBB

Nigeria Needs Restructuring, Devolution Of Powers - IBB

A former Nigerian military President, Ibrahim Babangida, has said Nigeria needs restructuring and devolution of powers.

Speaking in an interview on a programme on Channels Television, Inside Sources, on Friday, the former military leader stated that it is high time the central government gives states more powers.

Babangida said devolution of powers would allow the states to have more resources to run their own affairs so that they could be free from the federal government.


He said: “I believe in restructuring and devolution of powers to the states to give them more powers, and that means you are going to give them more resources to run their own affairs so that we run a federal government the way federation is run all over the world.”

Speaking on ending the mass immigration of Nigerians to other countries, the former military leader asked the Nigerian government to create an enabling environment for the citizens to flourish.

He said creating an enabling environment would motivate the citizens to enjoy working for their country the way they enjoy working for other countries.

The former military leaders stated this would see Nigerians choose to remain in their country rather than going to look for greener pastures elsewhere.

He said: “I think the environment should be created in such a way that people will be motivated to work for the country. So, I share the view very much that we made names in a lot of countries, such as the US and the UK; Nigerians are doing very well in all professions.

“Why not do the same here in our own country? So we have to create an environment that is suitable for this sort of service that Nigerians have to give to their own country, I think it is possible.

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