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Nigeria Insecurity: Video: APC Government Has Failed Us: IG Police, President Tinubu, Senators And Others Encourage Injustice – Dr. Eholor

THE Father of Nigerian Students-FONS, Chief Dr. Patrick Osagie Eholor otherwise known as Ultimate Equal, Senior advocate of the masses has come to speak against the injustice on Nigeria Police Force, other presidency agents and arms of government.

In 2015, towards the end of the former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was the beginning of massive insecurity in Nigeria where killings, bomb-blast and other insecurity arose in Nigeria.

The APC Government came, using the state of the country to campaign against the then present government, promising Nigerians good security, industries, infrastructures; President Tinubu speaking for Buhari as the APC flagbearer also told Nigerian youths that Buhari will give them money monthly for being jobless.


Till now, things get worst in Nigeria, the insecurity and the killings proceed, which resulted to famine in the country as the Fulani herders continuously fight the farmers.

Due to this, the security agents especially Nigeria police officers had been killed by these criminals.

Dr. Eholor in his viral video today analyzed how the lives police officers had been endangered which has reduced the number of the Police to secure the country. Moreover, Dr. Eholor lamented on the Nigeria Police Force, how junior officers were used, humiliated and killed.

in his statement, Dr. Eholor said “The administration of APC has become merchant of misery, the Inspector General of Police boasted that there will be NO MORE ROADBLOCK, NO MORE VIP POLICE, Nigeria have 371000 police,  250000 vip police and somebody like MC Oluomo have some police attached to him and I ask WHY?

“Recently I did a video showing how some junior police officers were butchered in Delta state forest, The image maker of the Nigerian Police Force who always accuse the junior officers of taking bribes have not had the effrontery to come out to either condemn it or give the general public something to rely on.

“President Asiwaju keeps telling us to endure when he is probing the senate for padding the budget with 3 trillion, this money can be diverted into health care, Education and even defense of the country. So I think that instead of the EFCC running after Yahoo boys they should go after the senators and corrupt politicians.” Dr. Eholor concluded

See the videos below:

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