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Nigeria Denies Hosting Troops From Niger

RECENT  reports suggesting the resettlement of foreign troops from neighbouring Niger to northern Nigeria have been vehemently denied by Nigerian authorities, with Information Minister Mohammed Idris labelling such claims as ‘falsehood’.

Addressing the speculation, Idris clarified, ‘We have neither received nor are we considering any proposals from any country on the establishment of any foreign military bases in Nigeria.’

The denial comes amidst the withdrawal of approximately 1,500 French troops from Niger, following directives from Niger’s military rulers, who assumed power after the coup against President Mohamed Bazoum in July 2023.


Highlighting Nigeria’s stance, Idris emphasised the nation’s commitment to existing security cooperation with foreign partners. ‘The Nigerian government already enjoys foreign cooperation in tackling ongoing security challenges,’ he stated, reaffirming President Bola Tinubu’s dedication to strengthening these partnerships to achieve national security objectives outlined in the Renewed Hope Agenda.

The development follows Niger’s recent request for the United States to withdraw its 1,100 troops from the West African nation. Niger argued that the security cooperation agreement signed with the US in 2012 was ‘unilaterally imposed’, reflecting a shift in the dynamics of foreign military presence in the region aimed at combating militant insurgency.

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