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Mohbad’s Wife Speaks On Contracting STDs From Late Husband

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Omowunmi, the wife of the late singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, better known as Mohbad, has debunked claims of constantly contracting infection from her late husband.

Trojan News reports that Wunmi’s sister, Karimot, in a video which made rounds online, claimed that Mohbad was constantly infecting Wunmi with sexually transmitted diseases.


Karimot made the claim while berating Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba, over his call for a DNA test on his grandson, Liam.

However, Wunmi, in a post via her social media page on Thursday, debunked her sister’s statement, saying she has never told anyone that the late singer gave her STDs.

Wumi also dismissed claims that Mohbad belonged to a secret cult, indulged in illicit drugs, or suffered domestic violence while they were married.

She said, “I have never personally at any time told anyone that my husband gave me STDs, belonged to a cult, on drugs and neither have I told anyone he beats me.

“I know you all love me and want to defend Liam and I, we truly appreciate it

“I’m alive to take the blame, pressure, accusations, and curses. Sadly, my husband can’t defend himself. I love my husband, even in death I still honour him. If you love me, please respect the memory of my husband.”

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