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Microsoft And G42 Partner To Invest $1bn In Kenya Data Centre

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MICROSOFT, in collaboration with UAE-based AI firm G42, has unveiled plans to invest $1bn in a data centre in Kenya, signalling a strategic move to bolster cloud-computing services in East Africa. The announcement was made by the companies on Wednesday.

The data centre, to be constructed by G42 and its partners, will utilise geothermal energy and offer access to Microsoft’s Azure platform through a new cloud region dedicated to East Africa.


‘Partnering with G42 to invest in a data centre in Kenya is a significant step for Microsoft in expanding our cloud infrastructure in East Africa,’ a Microsoft spokesperson remarked. ‘This investment underscores our commitment to providing reliable and accessible cloud services to businesses and individuals across the region,’ the spokesperson told Reuters.

G42, based in Abu Dhabi and recently the recipient of a $1.5bn investment from Microsoft, has initiated training on an open-source large-language AI model in Swahili and English. This move aligns with broader efforts to advance AI capabilities in Africa.

The investment by Microsoft and G42 reflects a broader trend among tech giants like Amazon and Alphabet, who are pouring billions into new data centres worldwide to meet the escalating demand for cloud services and generative AI-related solutions.

The formal agreement, set to be signed on Friday between Microsoft, G42, and Kenya’s Ministry of Information, Communications, and the Digital Economy, is part of President William Ruto’s state visit to the United States. Microsoft anticipates the data centre to become operational within two years of signing definitive agreements, further solidifying its presence in the region’s digital landscape.

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