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Management of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma Reacts to viral video of AZEMHE AZENA, By Esosa Omorogbe

THE Management of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, has described Mr. Azemhe Azena, a self-proclaimed Edo State 2024 Gubernatorial Candidate of the NNPP and a 400 level student of Law of the University, as ignorant.

It made this assertion yesterday in Benin City while reacting to a trending video on social media purportedly uploaded by Mr. Azena in which the latter reacted to developments in the state-owned university.


In a statement released in Benin City by the Head, Corporate Communications, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Otunba Mike Aladenika, the University berated Azemhe Azena for making a video from outside the country and attacking the University Management and the Edo State Givernment without even knowing the real issues that had led to some students of the University protesting at the University’s gate in the morning of Thursday June 6th, 2024.

Otunba Aladenika described the video as “shocking” and lamented that Mr. Azena could be so blatant in his display of ignorance and lies. “How can a man who claims to be a man of God be so sloppy? You claim to be a Law student and a Gubernatorial candidate of a political party, your colleagues are doing proper research, you are outside the country raising false alarm over happenings in your University. Rather than call your colleagues to find out what is really going on, you get a camera and begin to record yourself, spewing nonsense and trying to make political capital out of an issue that has nothing to do with students being “locked out of Kofa” (whatever that means) “because they cannot pay school fees.”

Aladenika noted that it had become a habit for Azemhe Azena, a former Labour Party member, to always seek attention and raise the rabble. “This man always wants to be noticed. He dabbles into anything and everything and, most times, he is vacuous. He loves the camera, and he likes to trend. He loves being a man of the moment, a people’s man. It does not matter who he rubbishes and what he spews; he just wants to draw attention to himself, even while he tries to project the image of a self-effacing person – a humble man.”

Otunba Aladenika affirmed that the issues that brought students out to protest on Thursday morning were majorly two: the proceeding list for 200 level Law students and course registration for 2022/2023 session, both of which were addressed at an emergency meeting of Senate same day by the University Management. It had nothing to do with students being given “inhuman treatment”, being charged high fees, being punished for not paying their fees “on time” by the University Management and the Edo State Government, or by the University Management “proposing to close the Kofa against student registration because of their inability to pay their school fees and meet up on time.”

“Azemhe Azena displayed so much ignorance in that video but by claiming he had previously paid fees for 8 students, you could see where Azemhe Azena was going!” Otunba Aladenika opined. “It was all about himself: how he is a man of sympathy and empathy, a philanthropist, an understanding person, a great gubernatorial elections material.”

Aladenika admonished Mr. Azemhe Azena to refrain from using the University he wants to take a degree from as cannon fodder for his ambitions and de-marketing it by his unguarded utterances. “You are not actually lifting yourself when you deliberately destroy your institution or those managing it. Even when you are not seized of the facts, your always coming out against those tirelessly working to give meaning and value to leadership is not an agenda setting for your own dream to lead. Only fools light candles in a dark tunnel littered with drums of gasoline,” Aladenika said.

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