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Malian Groups Challenge Junta’s Political Activity Suspension

IN a bid to challenge the ruling junta’s order to suspend political activities, a coalition of Malian political parties and civil society organisations has filed an appeal with the Malian Supreme Court. This move comes amidst escalating tensions following the failure of the authorities to fulfil their promise of organising elections and the subsequent imposition of restrictions on political life.

Since the coup in 2020, Mali has been under military rule, with promises of a return to civilian governance remaining unfulfilled. The latest decree, issued on April 10, has been met with opposition from allied political and civil society groups who deem it ‘tyrannical and oppressive.’ In a joint statement, they expressed their intent to challenge the decree through legal means.


‘It is imperative to annul this decree, which is a clear attempt to curtail democratic freedoms and maintain authoritarian control,’ remarked a spokesperson for the coalition.

The timeline for the Supreme Court’s consideration of the appeal remains uncertain, but the urgency of the matter underscores the deepening crisis of governance in Mali. The junta, which seized power in a second coup in 2021, had initially pledged to restore civilian rule by March 2024, following elections earlier this year. However, the postponement of the elections last September has raised concerns about the country’s democratic trajectory.

Drissa Traore, Secretary-General of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), condemned the decree, stating, ‘With this move, the Malian authorities are further entrenching their grip on power and steering Mali towards an unprecedented dictatorial regime.’

The appeal to the Supreme Court represents a critical moment in Mali’s struggle for democratic governance amid a backdrop of regional instability. The outcome of this legal challenge will undoubtedly shape the country’s political landscape in the coming days.

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