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Kenya’s Economy Recovers To Grow At The Fastest Rate In 11 Years

ACCORDING to the latest data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), the Kenyan economy rebounded from Covid-19-led woes in 2020 to grow by 7.5 percent in 2021.

This is the highest rate of growth for the Kenyan economy since 2010 when the gross domestic product (GDP) improved by a record 8.1 percent.

During the year, the economy was largely a beneficiary of low base effects with the reopening of various sectors after the pandemic-led closure lifted activity.


‘Relaxation of various Covid-19 containment measures coupled with the roll-out of Covid-19 vaccination had a positive effect on economic activities,’ KNBS said on Thursday.

As such, all sectors of the economy expect agriculture to post growth across 12 months to December 2021.

Accommodation and food services recorded the highest rate of growth at 52.5 percent from a decline of 47.7 percent in 2020 following the reopening of hotels, bars and restaurants after controlled closures to manage the spread of Covid-19 infections.

The education sector posted the second-highest rate of growth at 21.4 percent from a decline of 9.3 percent in 2020 following the restart of in-person learning in schools and other educational institutions.

Meanwhile, finance and insurance activities expanded at the third-highest rate of 12.5 percent to exceed the 5.9 percent growth rate posted in 2020.

The notable growth for the accommodation and food services sector was backed by a 50.3 percent rise in international visitor arrivals in 2021 following the ease of travel restrictions in and out of the country.

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