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Jubilation As Christopher Ojo Declares For Reps In Owan Federal Constituency

OWAN West Local Government Areas of Edo State, was erupted with wild Jubilations following the declaration of Christopher Ojo as he officially made known his intention before his people to run for House of Representatives to represent the Owan West/Owan East Federal Constituency under the platform of All Progressive Congress (APC) at the Green Chamber of the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Friends and well wishers who accompanied him took over the roads of Eme-Ora and arrived in grand style at the venue of the flag off campaign.

The warm reception accorded the erudite Christopher Ojo by Party Faithfuls and Supporters who received him at the flag off ground was not only glamorous but was electrifying with the sound of trumpet.


Address the marmot crowd, Christopher Ojo opined that his ambition is not stood out of selfish interest rather a product of collective decision of the good people of Owan West/Owan East Local Government Areas.

According to him, “I am here today to declare my intention to represent my constituency at the Federal House of Representatives. It is a thing that is historic, because this is not stood out of selfish interest rather, whatever you are seeing here today is a product of the collective decisions of the people of Owan West/Owan East Local Government Areas who have witnessed so much maladministration, who have witnessed so much misrepresentation, who have witnessed so much things there cannot be fine-tune with our mouth.

“I want to make a great different if given the opportunity to represent you, my great people of Owan West/Owan East Local Government Areas.

“I am very happy with the number of people who came out today.  I am not surprise because the cord binding us as Owan people transcend political parties, religions, villages and sets our orientation.  So,  I am saying this because I know for sure that it would only take industrialists to industrialise Owan.  That is why I am running to representing the good people of Owan West/Owan East Federal Constituency.”

Speakers by speakers eulogize the sterling quality of the man Christopher Ojo.

First to speaker was an APC woman leader of Ward 3 of Eme-Ora. Esther Joseph. “I pray that Almighty God should give him the party ticket so that he can work for our community. I know he has the people of his community at heart, and therefore, I have no hesitation whatsoever to trust him going by what he has done in the past. He will come out victorious.”

Derrick Edebayedeki is the Organising Secretary of APC Ward 3, Eme-Ora: “My words of encouragement to him is that, as a vibrant youth, he should keep the courage on. With his move, I can see that there is going to be a big change and great way forward for the entire Owan West/Owan East and Edo State at large. On behalf of my executive, my entire ward and unit, we are fully behind him. We are going to give him our fully support.”

Hon. Christopher Oluwa Oduguomen is an APC party leader. “Well, Christopher Ojo we are fully supporting him because of his doing. When he wanted to contest last time, we told him that he came late, but this time around, he came early, then we need to support him because of his antecedence. When we told him to step down last time, he listened and obeyed our instructions.

“He is someone who have helped our youths to travel outside Nigeria.  For this singular act, we have the belief that when he get to the House of Representatives, he will attract development to the entire Owans at large. I know that when he will get there he will not forget the youths.”

Evangelist Reymond Aruna Osuma is the APC Ward 3 Chairman of Owan West chapter. “To his aspiration, I have earlier said that what he need now is prayer, because at this level of the party which is primary, what he need now is the full support of the delegates to enable him comes out victorious. The young dynamic man is a strong politician because he has a mindset of knows what he want. Since I know him contesting or aspiring for a position, he has never change his mind, so he is a person that when given the opportunity will developed the environment of his constituency. I trust him to do more when he is there.”

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